ATTITUDE ERA: Sore Loser Youth Wrestler Sucker Punches Opponent After Loss [WATCH]

Bad sportsmanship goes viral.

Bad sportsmanship goes viral.

According to a report from The New York Post, one youth wrestler sucker punched his opponent after losing; the incident took place in Oak Park, Illinois during a third-place 125-128 pound match.

From The New York Post:

Cooper Corder of SPAR Academy, wearing an orange singlet, won the match over Maine West High School’s Hafid Alicea (in blue) by a 14-2 score between the eighth graders.

As Corder went in for a post-match handshake, he was cold-cocked by Alicea, sending him to the mat.

Alicea appeared to be getting escorted away as those in attendance reacted with shock.

Corder suffered a nose injury and is now wearing a face mask during his matches, TMZ reported.

Watch the video above. More over at The New York Post:

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