August 15th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Durham report lays out that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party, their lawyers, and the Obama administration interfered with the election of 2016 to try and stop Donald Trump from being elected and nobody was charged.

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Durham report lays out that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party, their lawyers, and the Obama administration interfered with the election of 2016 to try and stop Donald Trump from being elected and nobody was charged. Democrats challenged Republican election after election, in courts and on the floor of the House, and nobody was charged. Every Republican president is illegitimate according to Democrats. Congress decides on fake electors, not any court – you don’t criminalize these things. Presidents are free to contact state legislatures asking to see what they can do to reverse an election – it’s not a crime. None of this is about justice or law and order  – it’s a revolution with the purpose of destroying the Republican party. Also, there is a national popular vote compact movement being pushed by left-wing groups. They want to change the electoral college system without amending the Constitution. This could be the biggest power grab in Democrat party history. They are not about voting, they are about winning. Finally, Rep Steve Scalise calls in to react to the Trump indictment in Georgia. Americans are disgusted with this, they hate seeing law enforcement being abused to go after their political opponents. Democrats are scared as hell to lose power.

Hunter Biden’s top lawyer asks to withdraw from case
Durham report


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The Federalist 
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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Making a lot of news you know about. Hunter Biden’s lawyer is stepping down because he might be brought into some indictment charges later as he is a witness who cares with what’s going on in this country. Why do I care about that? I don’t. I want to read something to you, America from the Dorm report. From the dorm report. That’s right. Based on the review of CROSSFIRE, hurricane and related intelligence activities, we conclude that the department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report. As noted, former FBI attorney Kevin Client Smith committed a crime by fabricating language in an email that was material to the FBI planning officer surveillance order. In other instances, FBI personnel working in that same face application displayed, at best, a cavalier attitude towards accuracy and completeness. FBI personnel also repeatedly disregarded important requirements that they continued to seek renewals of that face of surveillance while acknowledging both then and in hindsight, they didn’t genuinely believe there was probable cause to believe that the target was knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of a foreign power. Our investigation also revealed that senior FBI personnel displayed a serious lack of analytical rigor towards the information they received, especially information received from politically affiliated persons and entities. This information in part triggered and sustained crossfire hurricane and contributed to the subsequent need for a special counsel Mueller’s investigation. In particular, there was significant reliance on investigative leads provided or funded directly or indirectly by Trump’s political opponents. Department did not even dare not adequately examine a question in these materials and the motivations of those providing them, even when at about the same time to direct to the FBI and others learned of significant and potentially contrary information. Throughout the duration of crossfire, hurricane facts and circumstances. They were inconsistent with the premise that Trump or persons associated with the Trump campaign were involved in a collusive or conspiratorial relationship with the Russian government, were ignored or simply assessed away. Indeed, from even before the opening of CROSSFIRE Hurricane, some of those most directly involved in the subsequent investigation and expressed their open disdain for Trump. Asked about when they would open an investigation on Trump and asserted that they would prevent Trump from becoming president. As discussed throughout this report, our investigations revealed. But the stated basis for opening a full investigation to determine whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were winning and or coordinating activities with the government of Russia was seriously flawed. Again, the FBI’s failure to critically analyze information that ran counter to the narrative of a Trump Russia collusive relationship exhibited throughout CROSSFIRE Hurricane is extremely troublesome. In other words, Hillary Clinton. The Democrat Party. There are lawyers and the Obama administration interfered with the election of 2016 to try and stop Donald Trump from being elected. Nobody was charged with false claims of fraud. Nobody was charged with attempting with attempting to interfere with the election. Nobody was charged with a RICO violation. Nobody was charged with a damn thing. Except that one junior lawyer for falsifying an email, waiting out something and putting the opposite meaning when they saw the face application. What about it, Mr. Producer? Nobody was charged. Not that federal level, Not at the state level. Not at any level. And reporters got Pulitzer Prizes for regurgitating what the state party, the Democrat Party, was leaking to the state media. Nobody was indicted. For anything. The Democrats have challenged election after election on the floor of the House, in the courts and elsewhere. Elsewhere. Every Republican president who gets elected is a legitimate. George W Bush was said to be a legitimate. Donald Trump was said to be a legitimate. And now the criminalization. This entire process is shocking, Chris Christie said today. And of course, whatever he says is so crucially important. They have a right to make these legal challenges. And when they’re over, that’s the end of it. No, big boy. That’s not the way it works. Congress makes the final decision. Not a district court, not a circuit court, not even the Supreme Court. Congress makes the final decision. Even if Congress in the Bush v Gore case had decided it would ignore the Supreme Court. And we count ballots excuse me, count electors a different way Congress would prevail. Period. So it’s not what the legal process says, it’s what the political process and the constitutional process says. Congress has the final say. Congress decides if there’s fake electors or there’s not fake electors. Congress decides if a close election goes one way or another. You don’t criminalize these decisions. Presidents are free to tell somebody, you know, see if you can find another 11 or 12,000 votes. It’s not assumed that that’s a crime. Presidents are free to contact secretaries of state governors, state legislators, asking them to see what they can do to reverse the election. It doesn’t mean they’re committing a crime. None of this is criminal. False claims of fraud. You want to hear false claims of fraud, America? We would have to. We would have to open the Yankee Stadium and ship all the politicians in Washington, D.C. to Yankee Stadium. Who will be charged with false claims of fraud? And unfortunately, I’ve had to do this before and I won’t do it as long as it is. It goes on for 12, 13 minutes, just a few minutes of this. Democrats. And every recent presidential election where Republicans have won Democrats. Making false claims of fraud go. You can run the best campaign. You can even become the nominee and you can have the election stolen from you. How can you win with Russian interference? That’s a real debate about 2020, but rightly, because I think he’s an illegitimate president that didn’t really win. So how do you, you know, fighting that at 24? You are absolutely right. He is an illegitimate president in my mind. Would you be my vice president for folks who are? I absolutely agree. Trump did actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election. He was put in office because Russia’s interference. Trump knows he’s an illegitimate president. The president elect, although legally elected, is not legitimate. I don’t see the president elect as a legitimate president. You said you believe that Russia’s interference altered the outcome of the election. I do. We have a president who, if in fact it is proven, has been assisted by the Russians and may in fact, not be a legitimate president. The one thing that Trump is fearful of when it comes to his being president is that finally we will see how illegitimate his victory actually was. I have an objection. I object to the 15 votes from the state of North Carolina because people are horrified. He’s an illegitimate president. Do you believe Trump is illegitimate president? What I believe is that there’s no question that the outcome of this election was affected by the Russian interest. Stop. Stop. What about all the false claims of fraud? What about in America? What about the conspiracy to obstruct an election? What about the conspiracy to prevent? To prevent. Donald Trump. The rightful winner from taking office. What about it? What about all the Democrat lawyers? Involved. Involved in pushing the Russia collusion argument. What about them? How come none of them are facing sanctions or disbarment? How come none of them have been charged? We have the dorm report that lays it out. Chapter and verse. If Fannie will or whatever the hell her name is. Fannie Willis. If her charges. Our legitimate. If Smith’s charges are legitimate. How is it? Then we just realized that these are campaign crimes. How is it that Joseph Kennedy senior. Wasn’t charged with a phalanx of crimes and didn’t do prison time. How is it that John Kennedy. Oh, yes. John Kennedy. Who stole the nomination from Hubert Humphrey. And Lyndon Johnson. And then stole the presidency from Richard Nixon. In Cook County. In West Virginia, In Texas. How is it? That John Kennedy wasn’t indicted. If these, in fact, are long cherished criminal charges that would be applied to any party and president. How is it? That Lyndon Johnson. Didn’t go to the prison. Didn’t go to prison. After stealing. An election first for the House of Representatives, then for the Senate. How is that possible? And how is it possible that Hillary Clinton. Who destroyed 30,000 emails. Cell phones. Mishandled classified information, made false statements about it, obstructed justice. Is it in federal prison? How is it the Bill Clinton? Nestor Classified videos. In the socks drawer. How is it? That he’s not in federal prison. How is it possible? But Joseph Kennedy. Senior. John Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton aren’t all in federal or state prison or weren’t. We know the answer to this. Used to be an understanding between the two parties. Party in power. In the party out of power. Don’t criminalize these elections. Politics is rough. Politics has to be resolved politically. Notably ultimately for president and vice president, it has to be resolved by Congress. You don’t say garden variety criminal statutes or even criminal statute cider. Ridiculous, like the Klan statute, the Enron statute, the espionage statute, and use those and perverse ways to go after your opponents. False. Claims of fraud. Do you realize how many politicians would be doing time in prison? Finally some votes. That’s now a crime. Attempting to persuade it, to persuade state legislators to appoint a new slate of electors. Just the attempt. Well wind up with lawyers being indicted. Conspiracy to change the outcome of an election. That’s what all election challenges are. She even goes across state lines. Does Fanny? And Arizona and Pennsylvania and so forth, claiming they did the same thing in those states that there’s this grand mob conspiracy. And it’s so big. We’re going to throw all 19 defendants together. Let them figure it out. Sounds like Iran, doesn’t it? Iran. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Everything I told you doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because this is exactly the way the Democrat Party wants it. They don’t. Care if they look like hypocrites or in fact, they are hypocrites. They don’t care if they contradict themselves. It doesn’t matter. The old ends justify the means. I see Newt’s kind of picked up a little bit of what I’m trying to say here, which is. The big picture is the Democrat Party wants to be the monopoly party, the government party, and wants to blow out the GOP. And it’s going to those keeps up. But it’s even worse. They want to do all those things. So we create the mirage of justice, the mirage of democracy, the mirage of fair elections. And in reality, it’s a mirage that covers up tyranny. Because that’s what this is. There’s nothing there’s nothing to debate here, really. We know what they’re doing. They know what they’re doing. The media know what they’re doing. The Rhinos are Never Trumpers know what they’re doing. And it’s fine with all of them. And it’s not with us. But they have the upper hand. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
In addition to all this, I’m holding a decision by a judge in Louisiana that. People may have forgotten. And in that decision, this judge lays out syllable word, sentence, paragraph, chapter after chapter. If how the Democrat Party surrogates and how the Biden administration. Used censorship. Banning suspensions. Scarlet letters on Twitter to affect the outcome of the last election. False statements. False allegations of fraud. Censorship, including the Biden laptop. Nobody was charged with anything. Nobody was charged here. This is a. 155 page document. The Dawn report is 300 pages long. Nobody was charged with a crime. Nobody. What about those 51 spooks, those national security people? And the letter they wrote to influence the last presidential election. Any of them been charged with a federal offense? America, Any of them. None. How’s that possible? Under these circumstances. I mean, look at the charges. Chris Christie says, you know what, I’ll even waste my time even even mocking that S.O.B., to be perfectly honest with you. But ask yourself. What happened there. Nothing. They’re out there collecting their pension checks, double dipping, you know, as experts on this. And they’re giving speeches on that, trashing you and me, trashing Trump while claiming self-righteously that they are the saviors of the country. The 51 course in collusion with The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the Pravda media. Right, Maggie. Right, Jeremy. Right, Philip. But you can’t compare the two. No, of course not. What happened? Knowingly false information to influence an election. How is it that Blinken got away with this? How. But we again. What did I just say? This isn’t about consistency. This isn’t about a lack of hypocrisy. I mean, that’s like saying during the Russian Revolution. Or Lenin’s short. Reign of terror, followed by Stalin’s long reign of terror, that it’s not fair, that it’s not consistent, that it’s not just. And when you read The Democrat Party Hates America, it’s all in their. And the publication copies of this book have been circulating now for two weeks. And I would ask those who get it and read it, please don’t just regurgitate what’s in it. Hold your fire. Hold your fire. Books released on September 19th. Hold your fire. Or you’re going to look like fools who took the information out of the book? Just hold your fire. The monopoly party. Monopoly power. That’s what’s going on. I watched this day last night and I said, Boy, you are dumb as a. There’s an empty barrel. Yet. Yeah. All the power in the world. Know what I mean? Dump it dumb as an empty barrel. She wants you to believe that she has no idea how the indictments wound up on the clerk’s website. And yet everybody knows that the clerk didn’t do it on her own. The clerk didn’t have them until she personally signed off on it. It was all loaded up. They made a mistake. What was the mistake? They made it public. And why is this important? Because it shows you. It shows you what a crock this whole thing is. We go through the motions of justice. There’s no justice. We go through the motions of a grand jury. Here’s citizen sitting on a grand jury to check the prosecutor. That’s not what they do anymore. That’s not the goal. She had this grand jury eating out of her hand. She knew it and she knew what they were doing. It’s not hard to be a prosecutor. It’s much harder to be a defense lawyer. It’s not hard to have all the resources you want, even if you’re an imbecile like she is. It’s not hard. Just throw together every possible crime you can think of. Bring it in front of a Democrat judge, bring it from a Democrat grand jury. Bring it in front of a Democrat. Trial jury. How are you going to be? How hard can that be? Jack Smith’s no better. He’s got the brain of a turnip, but it doesn’t matter. Same thing. He can be put in his place by one jury after another winner, whether it’s the John Edwards case, the Menendez case. Doesn’t matter. He can be put in place by the Supreme Court. This is a badge of honor when it comes to the Democrats. So when you bring it up, they don’t care. So what? So what? We can do about it. John Kennedy should be should have been in prison. Lyndon Johnson should have been in prison. John Kennedy’s father should have been in prison. Mayor Daley in Chicago. He should have been in prison. A lot of them should have been in prison. Hillary Clinton should have been in prison. Bill Clinton should have been in prison. Perhaps their staffs and many others. The 51 national security advisers cornered are these charges. They should all be in prison. Oh, yes. This is what we’re facing this country today. It’s a damn shame what’s going on in this country. And I have in front of me this memorandum ruling on a request for a preliminary injunction. By the judge in Louisiana. Met a judge in Louisiana and this case was heard on appeal. And the. The decision is still a pending on appeal. But that said. The panel of judges who heard it on the circuit level, they were none too pleased with what the White House and the party had done. None to police. It’s frightening what’s going on in this country. But if you understand the bigger context, it’s even more frightening than you might think. The judiciary is in on it. The source, prosecutors, Democrat prosecutors. And, you know, Charlie Kirk has a great piece over at The Federalist. He’s saying, you know, there are more Republican attorneys general in America than there are Democrat attorneys general. There’s 27. 23 Democrats. And he’s talking about also Republican district attorneys or state prosecutors and so forth. And he’s saying he’s not a lawyer. He’s saying as an example. Hunter Biden. Hired a call girl service. In more than one state. That these call girls were used in more than one state. Drug addict or no drug addict. He purchased drugs illegally in more than one state. And he’s not charged with a damn thing by a single Republican prosecutor. Nothing. Nothing. The Democrat prosecutors are sitting there. What can we do to Trump and his supporters? Anything, anything we can do. Sure. We got the 1871 Plan Act. We can throw that one in. Our media will wrap it all up. They’ll be excited. Get it to Maggie Haberman as fast as it can. She’s the go to propagandist for the government. Let’s try those Enron statutes. We’ve used them on the protesters. And so. Far. All the judges in the DC area have supported of a senator friend of mine that swears by one of these judges. Well, he has done the same damn thing. So sorry I took a pass on that. Just sayin. I mean, while we’re at it, there’s a financial abstraction charge that can be stretch to, you know, an attack on the on the functioning of the government. But it has nothing to do with elections. Of course. It has to do with if contractors or grant recipients cheat the government, it can have an impact on the functioning of the government. We can stretch that baby out of proportion to, Oh yeah, we got those. Then we have the Espionage Act in Florida, which is a favorite of the Democrat grand jury in Washington, D.C., which violates the venue limitations. According to the Department of Justice, no matter what the low IQ. Crackpot sleaze bags. On MSNBC, you have to say those are stupid people. Those are the people who swore up and down, as did almost all legal analysts, that Donald Trump would be charged with sedition or conspiracy to commit sedition, whatever the hell that is, an insurrection. And he wasn’t charged with either. Believe me. Jack the Ripper looked. He looked hard, but he couldn’t make a case because it wasn’t there. Because it wasn’t there. So let’s step back and do something that nobody else would do. What exactly is Donald Trump? From a more pedestrian, plain English point of view charged with. That. If they get their way in maximum sentences, he’ll be serving close to a thousand years in prison. What would it be? Let’s see. He took documents with them under the Presidential Records Act. But then they claimed under the Espionage Act that they had to give classified documents back. Says, No, I don’t. Yes, you do. So he gave some of them back, but he holds some others back. They’re in the middle of negotiations and Jack the Ripper decides, Screw it. You have some brave FBI agents who are saying, no, we don’t want to do a search warrant in a SWAT team, but they’re overruled. Bad guy by the name of Bret, who was accused tonight of extortion by one of the attorneys defending one of the defendants in that case. And that hasn’t been resolved. So they get their search warrant, which is a search warrant that says in so many words. We need to go after these boxes and anything else that’s around those box as well. That’s very specific. That’s called a general warrant. Defeats the entire purpose. They send a SWAT team down there, as you well know. While President Trump’s not there, they go into his home and they do what they did. So this is what he’s charged with. By DC grand jury, and they threw these indictments into Florida for Judge Canada hand. And she says, What are you doing? You throwing this stuff into my courtroom from a grand jury up north 1200 miles away? That violates Department of Justice policy. Oh, no, no, no. She only took that position because Mark Levin and Jim Trusty said so. That’s the problem with the MSNBC press and Comcast. Comcast that I despise to begin with. Went out. So we have the other Washington, D.C. charges. Yeah, we dug up the Ku Klux Klan Act. That’s how strong these are. We dug up the Enron laws and we dug up the financial abstraction laws. Well, what are those have to do with anything? Nothing. Okay. I got 100 years in prison. Then we go to Manhattan where we have another nutjob. And he says, the fact that Donald Trump entered into nondisclosure agreements, which virtually every every office does, I bet the Manhattan DA’s office has done so on multiple occasions. The. Southern District of New York. I bet they have main justice. I bet they all have. Of course they have. Till you get rid of people. Jim Severance haven’t signed these disclosed nondisclosure and it kicked their ass to the curb. That’s what they do. In corporations, large and small and in government operations, large and small. Well, you see, Donald Trump did that and it was illegal. Because he use business funds. You can’t do that. Of course you can. No, you can’t. Yes, you can. Everyone knows it’s a jackass. Bunch of indictments. So he charges them on over 30 counts. That’s New York. Now we have Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia. Every conceivable statute is used, and then some 19 defendants. Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t some drug cartel case. This isn’t some extensive sex trafficking case. It’s an election matter. So she’s not interested in justice, she’s interested in convictions. And now Donald Trump is facing potential of a thousand years in prison from this. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I will be on HANNITY tonight, I believe, around 920 9:25 p.m. Eastern Time, if I can get my turkeys from here to there in time. That’s tonight. Don’t forget, the Democrat Party hates America. Folks, Leo Terrell knows, you know. Grab your copies now. We need to get ready. I’ll be right back.

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