August 30th 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, it’s time to break up the cabal of radical Democrat lawyers who make up the D.C. judiciary.

Mark Levin said on Wednesday that it was time to dismantle the radical Democrat cabal who comprise the D.C. Judiciary. These lifelong Democrat judges are destroying the judiciary, justice system and republic. They are disrespectful to you, disrespectful of the rule-of-law, and interfere in presidential elections. They are too powerful and political. They have shown that they abuse their lifetime appointments, and are abusive and even tyrannical. Consider limiting the term of all federal district and circuit judges to 10 years. Julie Kelly calls and deconstructs Judge Tanya Chutkan’s outrageous remarks in court. She scolded Donald Trump’s lawyers for not preparing his case for a year prior to the indictment being handed down, and downplayed the 12 million pages or so of discovery produced the DOJ. Elon Musk is also under criminal investigation for a secret project involving a glass house by Biden’s DOJ. This is because he exposed the Biden regime on Twitter and took Twitter from them. The Biden administration has also targeted Musk’s SpaceX because it does not hire illegal aliens. Musk is among the few billionaires who stand up for freedom. A D.C. court, under a Democrat Judge, found that five pro-life activists had violated the FACE Act by blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic in the year 2020. The five pro-life activists, who did not commit any violent acts, face prison time and bankruptcy. This is unacceptable.


A Georgia judge holds Giuliani responsible for withholding election workers’ information

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DOJ, SEC Investigate Tesla Over Secret Glass House Project


D.C. D.C.


Jim Jordan Puts Biden Admin. Jack Smith’s office meeting with White House officials is on notice.


Judge Chutkan compares January 6th to 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing

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