August 3rd 2023

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration has created a legal morass never seen or experienced in American history, as applies to a presidential election.

Mark Levin said on Thursday that the Biden Administration has created a legal mess never before seen in American history. This is applicable to a presidential race. Merrick Garland, the AG, is authorizing the indictment and indictment of Biden’s potential, if it’s not likely, political opponent in the middle a presidential campaign cycle. He does this through the appointment of a Special Counsel, whose charges have to be approved by Attorney General. Garland, however, refuses to appoint an independent investigator to probe his client Joe Biden despite the DOJ regulations being in place for this exact situation. Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, will do whatever it takes to retaliate against Donald Trump. Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General, will do everything to protect Joe Biden. This type of legal war is not only unprecedented for our republic, but it will also destroy our voting system forever. The only constitutional body that is left to respond to this unprecedented legal war — the Supreme Court — must do so in a way that has never been done before. What Biden learned, what FDR understood, and what Democrats seek is to monopolize and control the government. The Democrats want to eliminate the Electoral College in order for the largest Democrat cities to control the election and bypass most of the country. They can still do what they want even if the Democrats lose an election. If we are to remain a free people, this is a group that must be exposed and destroyed. Joe Biden was and is a coconspirator with Hunter Biden in his multiple violations of FARA. In a letter, Joe Biden is shown to have known about Hunter’s business partners. Other witnesses who testified in the same way also confirm this. Congress already has enough evidence to begin an impeachment investigation. Mark is finally joined by Vivek Ramaswamy, the presidential candidate for 2024. They discuss Vivek’s Conservative values as well as his views on the election.




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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin is here. 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. Now I’m going to post something that I would like to be read. It was only 15 minutes ago that I wrote this, but it’s been on my mind for a while. My public advice to the legal team of President Trump It’s time to team up, not to time. In the context of a presidential campaign, the Biden administration created a legal mess that has never been seen in American history. In the middle of a presidential campaign, the attorney general appointed by Democrat President Biden is approving indictments after indictments of the president’s likely or possible political opponent. The attorney general is doing this by appointing a special prosecutor whose appointment was an incorrect application of the special prosecutor regulation, and whose charges have to be approved personally by the Attorney General. Jack Smith, by the way as a side note, is not a president’s appointee. He was never confirmed by the Senate for the position. Make sure you check for typos. Richard explained the position, exercise and authority he has against an opponent. Note that. The attorney general, however, refuses to appoint a special outside counsel to investigate Joe Biden despite the fact that the Department of Justice regulation originally was instituted to address this exact situation. This underscores, of course, the motive and purpose behind what we are witnessing today. The attorney general approves the timing of dozens charges against the former Republican President who was actively seeking the nomination of his party to challenge the Democrat President for whom he reports directly. These are meant to cripple Donald Trump’s ability to run for president, regardless of what the polls say today. The outcome of the elections is not known, regardless of what the commentariat says and despite the strength of President Trump within the Republican Party. In this case, polls have no relevance. The timing of these charges is another indication that they are being used to further political ends. All of these charges, which were brought by separate grand jurys, and all controlled by the Special Counsel, should have all been filed after an election, as the statute of limitation would not have applied to any of them. The special counsel insists on a quick adjudication of the charges, meaning that they must be decided before the voters vote, in order to have maximum influence over the election. The charges have also led to a significant drain on Trump’s campaign fund in order to pay millions in legal fees. Trump will have to spend significant time away from his campaign to deal with the dozens charges that the Biden administration has brought against him. He will have to spend a lot of time with his attorneys to defend himself against charges that could result in him being imprisoned until he dies. This type of legal war against President Trump is unlikely. It is unprecedented in our history to have an opponent of the current president. This will also destroy our democratic system forever. This is not something that can be dealt with by district courts or local court in regular judicial proceedings. This is actually part of the strategy that the prosecutors are using to attack our electoral system. It is not acceptable to reward them for their actions. It is not acceptable to reward them for their treachery, and their exploitation of the court system and legal system in order to achieve political goals. It is easy to unravel the multitude of charges. I believe that the process is used to influence the election, and that the almost complete silence of those orchestrating this legal war is a form of interference. It is unacceptable to keep the American public in the dark. Therefore. I would like to publicly encourage the Trump team to request an emergency hearing at the United States Supreme Court, not to settle legal disputes. To at least temporarily stop the abomination that is this legal war, which is playing out in front of us. Democrats and anti Trump Republicans are openly celebrating how the Biden administration used the courts to advance their political goals while the rest of the country watches in horror. The only constitutional body that is left to respond to this unprecedented legal war must do so in a way that has never been done before. The United States Supreme Court. My view. The strategy is reflected in what is happening today at various courts and so forth. The legal system is slow. The process is what’s slow. They know that the process is what’s killing them. They’re also playing the system by releasing all these indictments. Trump’s campaign by depleting Trump’s resources. Influencing people who are different from you and me. People who are still voting. Two-thirds of Americans who are not Republicans. This is the target audience. The polls are irrelevant. Polls and pollsters can be fickle. We should have known that by now. It’s not just about polls. Joe Biden, my ladies and gentleman, has also been able sit on a beautiful beach. And laugh. While his Department of Injustice is doing all the dirty works. While the Democrat Days. The media will do the dirty job. See, people, I’m looking at this holistically. This is what I do. I’m not afraid to get down in the weeds. You have to step back and ask yourself, “What the hell is going on?” All of this is not a coincidence. It is all deliberate. You have a chance to stop it if you can. You must get past the trial court. You must get past the trial courts. Within the timeframe for this campaign. I hope that at least four are seen by the U.S. Supreme Court in order for them to consider a cert petition. What we see. It would not be the Supreme Court that interferes in a process political. It would be the Supreme Court. Defending Constitution. A political party has never faced off against its opponents. A candidate. They have never been so low before. Take the law. This is how the law can be used to charge documents using grand juries. You subpoenas, search warrants. Judges who are activist. The same party can nominate both. To commit such treachery. If the Supreme Court does not act on an urgent request from the Supreme Court. There’s nothing you can do today to stop this. Tomorrow. Next election. The rest of the republican life, which is ebbing away. Look at people like Chris Christie, Bill Barr. Larry Hogan, among others. Trump did this to himself, didn’t you? No, he didn’t. Now. Now. It was brought on by the people doing it. I want to remind everyone who Joe Biden really is, and that he can speak at any level. He thought that being a racist segregationist would help him in his home country. He was a racist and segregationist, who opposed integration in inner-city public schools. He was Orval Faubus, George Wallace. Delaware. He is a chameleon. He’ll do anything. He has tried to ruin the reputation of one the most brilliant legal minds the United States has ever known. Bob Bork. What was Bob Bork’s crime? Ronald Reagan nominated a constitutionalist to the United States Supreme Court. They destroyed him. Clarence Thomas is a black person. He would not get on his knees. He would not beg white accusers in the Senate Judiciary Committee. For their votes. He defended himself. The stereotypes that are used by Klansmen against black men. He was accused of. If you like, sexual harassment. There are certainly justices on Supreme Court who know what I mean, including. Kavanaugh is a very disappointing person. John Roberts would be included, if only he could wake up and realize what’s happening in this country. There is only one corpse left. If asked. Can and should step up. Stop this abomination that is destroying the country. Last night, we were reminded. Carolyn Glick, an Israeli. Born in America. You said that one of the greatest legal minds in Israel whom she spoke with said, “you know, in America.” Dred Scott, which was decided by the Supreme Court in 1857. It took some time for this decision to have a lasting impact. This was the basis of the Civil War. I think we have reached this point. I’m not saying it to provoke. I am expressing my deepest concerns. I want to avoid it. What could possibly happen. Combustible situations. This can’t last forever. When I hear journalists say: We’re getting used to it, Martha, aren’t we? This is what you get used to. It’s Thursday. There must be more indictments. Atlanta will be the fourth. This is not a joke. This is not a sporting event. It’s a serious matter for the survival of this country. It’s not something I can get used to. Every time this happens, I get sick to my stomach. We both know this in our hearts. This is completely and utterly unjust. Alan Bragg made phony accusations. Donald Trump. The case. The case. A phony case. Even the best legal analysts or documents case think that it is a tougher case in reality. If the judges. It’s a judge who is honest and has integrity. When? I hope soon. The correct motions have been filed. She will get that case out of court as quickly as possible. It’s one party trying to destroy the other. One political party is trying to dominate elections, federal law enforcement, and the entire justice systems. If they succeed, then it’s all over. It’s over. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

In the remaining minutes of this segment, I would like to elaborate on some points. After about an hour, I’d like you to stick with me. I want to be clear about the fact that this is not a discussion of immunization. I think all these accusations are bogus. We don’t talk about it because I do not think that the Supreme Court will act in that way. Here, we’re talking about the integrity of a voting system and its violation. It affects everyone, no matter what idiots you see on television, or Bill Barr who is a complete jackass. Or Mike Pence who has finally found a voice to attack Donald Trump. These people are like pimples on an elephant’s a**. They’re irrelevant. They’re irrelevant. I’m speaking about what’s best for this nation. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 3

One more comment I suppose you could file a motion right away to try and get the case in front of the Supreme Court. We’ve discussed the possibility of a lower court making a speedy decision. Then, the case could be taken to the appellate courts to see if it can make an expedited ruling. Finally, the case would go to the Supreme Court. All of that is going to be too much work. I believe that the Department of Justice is in charge of this and has decided to take advantage of the slowness of legal proceedings, while still claiming to want a decision as soon as possible to make it official, to box Donald Trump up as much as they can. Please keep in mind a few things. The burdens placed on a presidential candidate. By initiating criminal proceedings. There’s enormous. It’s enormous. It’s a heavy burden. This election is seriously affected by the stigma that comes with the criminal charges and the need to answer them through the legal process. This is what you’re seeing. Multiple courts. There are scores and scores of charges. The Constitutional provision is the section of the Constitution that governs criminal prosecutions. Clarify what. The framers of the Constitution believed that a person’s involvement and participation in his defense, both mentally and physically, was important. It is intense before and during a criminal trial. It is no different for a candidate for the presidency than it would be for any other defendant. That’s not the point. He is a candidate for the presidency. This legal war has been launched against Donald Trump. It’s to prevent him from focusing on his reelection. Raising funds to go towards his re-election and not his legal defense. To turn off those who are not MAGA supporters. Who says I’m tired? I’m ready to move on. This is the plan. This is the plan. This is how things are going. They keep praising this Washington, D.C. district judge. Former defense counsel. It’s funny, though. When anything related to Trump is implemented, she acts like a wild-eyed prosecutor. You can imagine that Trump was the one who appointed her to be a judge. What a coincidence! What a coincidence. It’s more than just one district court judge. About a thousand judges work in district courts. It’s much bigger than she is. It’s much bigger than her. It’s larger than a single circuit court. The D.C. The D.C. The expansion was done to add more Obama appointees. They did it. Obama and Harry Reid. As a result, Trump is facing a highly unfavorable appeals court. This is the plan, not only for Trump but also for every conservative Republican. As you go through the process, what is your profile? The problem is that the federal trial courts are not up to speed. They want a full-blown trial. They want a full trial. Smith says, “This guy.” We want to get it done before you vote. It’s pretty obvious from the timing of these charges that all can wait. Not one statute of limitation is at risk. This is something I have discussed many times behind the microphone. They want a quick decision and fair sentencing. They know that the appeals process can take many years. They have their indictments. They want to go through with their trial. They want to be convicted as soon as possible. They don’t mind if it takes forever to appeal to the US Supreme Court and circuit courts. Damage is already done. The election has ended. Take a look at what they did to Bob McDonnell. Jack Smith is a thief. At the trial, Jack Smith was found guilty. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals confirms the guilt. Three and a half year later, the case finally reaches the Supreme Court. They took the case up and said no 8 to 0, with one recused. The statute does not say that. This is not true. 8 to 0. Included Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Supreme Court. 820. It was too late. He was divorced. He was bankrupt. He was discredited. It was already too late. This is unacceptable. We can’t have that. Jack Smith was chosen by the Attorney General of the United States for exactly this reason. They want Donald Trump, Bob McDonnell. They will get away with this. The Supreme Court will not intervene. I realize I’m asking the Trump attorneys to do something unique, but in the circumstances that’s fine. The worst thing a court could say is “no”. They need to save our republic by preserving the electoral system. We’re currently talking about this. The idea that the president cannot challenge an election. A person in a state. Can you find votes, Secretary of State or Governor? A liberal said that was a bit over the top. It’s only over the top when you say something illegal or criminal. Everyone asks, “Can you find votes?” Do they really mean that you can create votes illegally or concoct them? Can you find voters? Regarding the second group of electors: Mr. Produce and other friends of mine on Fox are avid listeners of this program. This happened in 1960, and it happened again. You’ll hear about this more and more. In 1876, a number of states had two sets electors. Congress is responsible for resolving this issue. It’s not criminal. There is no criminal law. There is no criminal intent. This is a fiercely fought, vibrant election campaign. Did Donald Trump repeatedly lie when he claimed that the election had been stolen? You know, there are some who claim that Donald Trump knew the election was not stolen. It doesn’t really matter. I’m sure he did. He says it still to me. Let’s just say that he does not believe it. Let’s say it is just for the sake of argument. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s also very interesting. CNN, I can’t remember her name. Bill Barr was on her show. Bill Barr, like many swindlers, is on the move. His personal animus against Trump is unrestrained. Even rational analysis of the Constitution or the law is affected. He made a stupid comment, possibly the second dumbest after Mike Pence. You know, even in a conspiracy, there is speech. You thought he had a good idea. I could probably see the LED bulb in his head pop up to 15 watts. That’s correct, Mr. Attorney-General. There is no conspiracy. You get what I mean. I have explained in the media that the four charges brought against the president are based on statutes which had nothing to do with the 6th of January. One was passed so that Grant could be prosecuted. Klan laws were also passed after Enron, because Enron executives lied to Congress, and obstructed Congress’s ability to get documents. There’s the obstruction. The first charge is a statute which has been traditionally used for financial crimes against government. It has been used to tarnish the government in some cases, but not by way of elections. These Enron laws have been used now to imprison people who were protesting on January 6. This will be appealed at the U.S. Supreme Court. It hasn’t been heard yet. Even at the circuit-level. This is incorrect, according to at least one judge. It doesn’t work in these circumstances. We’ll still do it. We will do this with the former president, and also the potential presidential candidate from the opposing party. How do you stop it? What’s going on in our courts can only be stopped by one person. The Supreme Court is the most powerful court of the country. The Constitution. The Supreme Court is that. You’ll have to pray that there is a large enough majority to form a majority. Put aside all politics and focus on their social relationships. John Roberts, Washington, D.C. is not important. You have been very, extremely poor in these cases. I hope that Judge Barrett will finally meet the expectations of so many people. Will she meet the high expectations of so many people who have been disappointed so far? Kavanaugh may stop twisting the words and the law in order to fit some bizarre, moderate position he wants to take. For God’s sake, just uphold the Constitution. We only ask for that. All we ask is that. Extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts. The Supreme Court of the United States is the place where they get to present this. It’s their only chance. I think that a majority in the court will look at it and ask, “What are you doing?” Especially when January 6 comes around. Jack Smith’s argument does show one thing. Please, ladies and gentlemen. The short as it is. Who knows what he will add to it in the future. Donald Trump didn’t. More acts of suppression. Or anything else. The overthrow of the government, etc. He’s not accused of that. What I said was that Barr gave an interview. Caitlin, who is the CNN host? Collins. She asked him the question, and she was the first person to do so despite his many interviews on cable television. It went like this. You were questioned by the office of the special prosecutor? You know his answer? America, I don’t feel comfortable getting into this. Reduce the time to 5 minutes for a quick go. You addressed the Congressional Committee on January 6. Have you spoken to Jack Smith’s Investigators? I won’t get into it. I think I am okay. Wow, I won’t get into it. So he did. He clearly went after Trump. According to what he says publicly. Former Attorney General of the United States, who hates his ex-boss. He will say and do whatever he wants. He’ll say and do anything to defend his boss, even if he is the current Attorney General of the United States. Bill Barr must have told Jack Smith exactly what he wanted. We don’t even hear the voices of other people. I don’t accuse them of anything. I know nothing. Zero. It’s odd that the former chief of staff for the president is nowhere to be seen. It’s strange, Mr.. He had to attend almost every meeting. It’s not personal to me. I’m sitting here with the American public, just talking through it. Mark Meadows is a great fan. Now I’m not sure what else happened. The time will tell. As a surprise, I also throw in Mike Pence. We don’t hear from him. He has been in the Witness Protection Program for six months. There is nothing positive or negative in any of the documents. Nothing in a newspaper article. Zero. It’s just weird. Do not apply anything. I do not want to be called by anyone. It’s strange. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 4

Again, I am not saying that the candidate for President should be immune. I’m not saying that a candidate should be immune from an obvious strategy of the opposition party, which controls all the instruments of the federal government. This includes the most powerful and dangerous efforts to try to destroy his candidacy at the crib, or as some say, even in the womb. This is the problem. It’s clear that’s the case. No, I don’t believe that, as some Fox commentators do, the Republicans will treat the Democrats the same way when they are in power. They won’t. They are playing games with an impeachment. They are playing games with the promotion of a special prosecutor. They would rather keep on wringing hands. This is something I strongly urge you to look into. Listen to what they say. If you are drowning in debt and you feel like you can’t get out, you may have a solution. A representative from an American finance company will contact you. No risk. There is no pressure. You may have a bad credit rating. They have dealt with many people who had great credit. Poor credit. Doesn’t matter. Check him out. 88 918 28. I have a lot to say. Now, ladies and gentlemen. You can read more about it here. Get the Democrat Party Hates America on Amazon. It’s 20% off. Excuse me. There’s a 40% discount on 40. I’ll be back in a moment.

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