August 4, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, one man, AG Merrick Garland, is using the judiciary and the court system to affect the outcome and course of the 2024 election and the liberty of Donald Trump.

On the Friday Mark Levin show, Merrick Garland (AG) used the judiciary to influence the course and outcome of the 2024 elections and Donald Trump’s liberty. It is clear that the judicial system was used to obstruct a candidate for president who was a US citizen. Garland, the DOJ’s head of legal affairs, knows that they make it impossible for Trump run for president by making him unable to defend himself. They don’t want Trump to run. The DOJ knows what it’s doing by bringing two grand juries against Trump during a presidential election, draining his resources and taking a lot of time from him to campaign. Trump can’t effectively defend himself while running for president. He shouldn’t be forced to choose between the two. The nation should not be ruled by individual district court judges, especially after the Biden DOJ imposed its will on the country. Only the Supreme Court has the constitutional authority to take action, but by then the damage would have been done and the legal process would be drawn out. Weak Republicans such as Mike Pence and Chris Christie are helping Democrats destroy our country and attack Trump endlessly.


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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Why do people keep quoting Bill Barr? Especially my friends who are on my favorite cable channel, as if he were making news. He is not coherent. His personal animosity toward Donald Trump taints all that he says. Why then do you say that the case in Washington was legitimate? He would not have shot the gun, even though there are many other circumstances. This is an illegal case. He then says that his goal is to get the case in front of the court as quickly as possible. You’d think that both sides would support this. Let me show you just how stupid this is. You are Donald Trump. You want to get a case to Washington, D.C. as quickly as possible, and with an Obama radical judge. A Democrat jury. You want a conviction. The circuit court, and later the Supreme Court, take years to hear the case. In the meantime, the election is over. What a stupid thing to say! Bill bars are getting dumber and dumber. My view is correct. I believe I have finally figured out a way to make the Trump lawyers appear in the Florida court before Judge Cannon, or any other court. The Trump lawyers can go to D.C. court, but that’s not how I would handle it. She scheduled a trial for May. You can also file an interlocutory appel. You can try to appeal to the United States Supreme Court. They may or not accept the case. Explain everything I have said to you, and everything I have put online. Which is. Which is. Your client, Ernie Grabowski would be. They need to explain that their client can’t possibly devote his entire time to fighting for freedom. We’re talking here about what. Are. If they are successful, Donald Trump will spend the rest of his days in prison. He’ll die in prison. This is the aim of the opposition party. The Democrat Party has that as its goal. Biden has that goal. To be arrested and imprisoned for the rest his life. The opposition. The opposition. When you reach the Supreme Court, you will argue with the judges at all levels, and the Supreme Court will say, “My client cannot.” Fight for his freedom. Dealing with 80 indictments. He can’t run for President and deal with 80 indictments, which would be overwhelming for an average citizen. It is not possible. The Department of Justice, under Merrick G. They are aware of what they are doing. My client is unable to exercise his constitutional right to self-defense. Ses due process is being attacked. Run for president. Some might say that you shouldn’t run for office. Isn’t that the point? They know exactly what they are doing. Two grand jury indictments dropped on Donald Trump during a campaign. This sort of thing is something that has never happened before and should never be repeated. They are stealing his resources to prevent him from using them for his campaign. They know it. He will have to spend a lot of time with his lawyers defending him. They will have to watch nine months’ worth of videotapes. Then they’ll have to look through more than a million documents. All of these things must be done with your client. Who is fighting for his freedom? Who is fighting for his freedom? At the same time. To win the nomination for his party, and to run in the election to beat the man trying to lock him up in prison for the rest of his days. It’s never been done before in this country. The only constitutional body left. The only remaining constitutional body. The Supreme Court is the only constitutional body that could take action. By an end to the case, I am referring to the Supreme Court. After the election, you can continue with your cases. Not a single statute is in danger. It’s the Department of Justice who intentionally leaked to Hunter Biden the tax fraud statute of limitations for 2014 and 2015. The federal Treasury was forced to pay taxes on $1.5million. What will they do now in court? We will not let the statute of limitations expire on the judge. I said, “Wait a minute. Wait, whoa. Whoa. The government has no exposure at all. You have the documents and video you need. We have the witness testimonies you require. You can use this evidence at the trial of the January 6 case, the weakest. You know, Bill Barr is the one I’d like to talk to. Are you an idiot? This guy is he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he – he is angry and he a nasty S.O.B. He said on the Martha MACCALLUM Show today that that day, and January 6, that you have to pay a penalty for. He is not charged in any statute with what happened six January. Fraud. Fraud, because the government says he didn’t tell the truth about the elections. You thought they were bad for censorship, but then they came up with Malad. Homeland Security has information, misinformation and disinformation boards that monitor what is happening on social media. Imagine being charged with something like this. They then use two statutes passed just after Enron. They realized that they did not have a criminal statute that covered the destruction of Congress-related documents. These are the obstruction charges. This has nothing to with it. This Reid case is so weak that many protesters convicted of this crime have appealed and the matter will reach the U.S. Supreme Court. They say, “Wait a minute! We have some pretty against bars. A buffoon.” Why do they quote him so much? Why? Why? He might have been an Attorney General. He wasn’t very good. I was the chief of staff for an Attorney General, and he did a fantastic job. It’s unbelievable. What would I do? Just expressing my opinion. Everyone can hear me, including Trump’s lawyers, other lawyers, the Department of Justice and judges. What do I do on this site? The same when I post. You can use many of my arguments. There are more reasons why this case and the other need to be stopped, and the Supreme Court must decide. If Donald Trump can get. This is a constitutional right to due process and it’s on the second lanes. This kind of action by the executive against a candidate would be constitutional. It’s not constitutional, I believe. Merrick Garland keeps laying indictments upon Donald Trump. They have trial dates to the wazoo. These have court dates to the wazoo. Throughout this entire election cycle, they have been a part of this case. They know what they are doing. Here’s the key. Please pay attention. Please listen. One man. Merrick Garland uses the courts to use the judiciary. To influence the outcome of an election. The outcome of the election. The liberty of an individual who has been told that he can defend himself, he can go to court. You can still defend yourself, even if you do not have the time. You can certainly do it. Why am I the sole one who is talking about it? Where are the civil rights activists? Where is the Defense Bar? Where is the ACLU located? Where are my conservative friends? Where are they? It is obvious as day and night. This is deliberate. The Biden Justice Department and their slapping and special counsel are two examples. Using the legal system. The process of litigation and charging someone is the use of the judicial system. The candidate. The citizen. We cannot leave this to the individual district and judges. We can’t just leave it up to the locals. To determine. Determine the future direction of this nation. All around us, the foundation for Tyranny is being laid. All around us. When I return, I’ll show you. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

The D.C. judge will be happy to let herself be used in this manner because she is a radical Democrat who was appointed by Obama and has demonstrated her activism through the sentencings of many protesters. She’s just a partisan hack dressed in black. It happens. It’s unfortunate. Judge Canon seems to be more direct. You only want a judge who is intellectually honest. But I would appeal it now. I will try to get this case in front of the Supreme Court. You may lose it. It may not be taken up by them, but it is something they should do. This is not a question of politics. It is about whether the judiciary will defend itself against being misused in this manner by the executive. It is impossible to have both an attorney general AND a prosecutor. He is not even a president’s appointee. He is a career bureaucrat. It’s not acceptable to have an Attorney General whose biases can be seen, such as in the Hunter Biden case or his refusal of appointing a special prosecutor in the Joe Biden case. An attorney general cannot drop indictment bombs over a former president running for reelection. A candidate who is in the middle or an election cycle, in a manner that’s intended to disrupt elections. They say that’s why we want a quick trial. The defendant is covered by the speedy trial act. The government will do what is in the best interest of the defendant. The Constitution protects you. So the question is not, is this a matter of political concern under political doctrine? It’s a question of whether they will allow it constitutionally. This situation is likely to happen. The dropping of these charges on dates set by. Galan. The Biden administration will do all it can to undermine the rights of the target defendant to a fair trial and to interfere with the election. It’s not fair to hurry this up. They can wait. They don’t want them to wait. Sky. Smith has received orders from the Attorney General. We need to move quickly. We want it. If we can obtain a conviction before the elections, we will be able to influence the results of the elections. And for the case. And for. And for Trump. This is. No. It’s not a joke. All these charges are bogus. He has to worry about getting convicted. It is very hard to reverse a conviction. On all charges at this time. When you add Manhattan and two federal cases, he has 80 charges. The chances of me getting one are pretty high. That’s the reason they do it. Atlanta will then suddenly appear. He’ll have to defend against the Manhattan D.A. and the Atlanta D.A. in two cases that involve the feds. All of them know what they are doing. We, the people, need to be protected. It is important to protect the electoral process. Irony is a sickening thing.

Segment 3

The Democrat Party is the main political and operational organ through which American Marxism operates. In the same way that the Confederacy was the party for slavery in America, segregation with the Ku Klux Klan, and Jim Crow in recent history, the Democrat Party has tailored Marxist ideologies to American politics and governance. In doing so, the Democrat Party adopted a strategy that some have called a passive revolution. According to the late Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, the long march of intellectuals through America’s institutions would radicalize, soften morals and destroy culture. Gramsci argued that socialism was the religion which must replace Christianity in the new world order. He claimed that socialism would triumph through infiltration into schools, universities and churches, as well as the media, by changing the collective consciousness. Graham was against subterfuge, deceit and lies but he didn’t oppose violence or force when used strategically. This is the Democrat Party’s script. Saul Alinsky was a Gramsci and marxist fan who wrote Rules for Radicals. It is based on Gramsci. Alinsky, a marxist and Gramsci fan, wrote Rules for Radicals, as you know, based essentially on Gramsci’s approach. These are clearly two of the most influential Democrat Party leaders from the past 30 years. Obama served as a senator for a short time before he was elected to the presidency. Clinton, on the other hand, was a Democrat Party candidate, a senator, a secretary of state, and a former first lady. The man that they most admired was a communist. Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s mentor. Obama was a Chicago community activist and high school student during the time he spent in Chicago. Davis was one of the closest people to Obama. Davis, as Professor Paul Kengor relates, joined the Communist Party USA during World War II in Chicago. His party number is 47544. He was very active in the party and wrote and served as the founding editor-in-chief of The Chicago Star, the Communist Party’s publication in Chicago. In 1948, he moved to Hawaii and began writing for the Honolulu Record, a Communist Party publication. These writings show a man who was devoted to the Soviet Union and the Communist Party. They are often uncanny in their resemblance with Obama’s rhetoric. Davis criticized Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Banks, corporate executives, their greed, their excessive profits, and fat cats. The wealthy, and millionaires, are the ones who benefit from the GOP tax cuts. The list goes on. Senator Bernie Sanders is another major influence on the Democrat Party. Sanders has been a marxist for his entire life, despite recent attempts to mainstream himself. His issue papers, which served as a revolutionary blueprint for Biden’s administration, were written by him. He is treated as an elder statesman in the Democrat Party, despite this. Sanders’ record of Marxist activities, support for repressive communist regimes, and his involvement in Marxist movements would take up far too many pages to include in this book. Here is an excerpt from my book. To elaborate. Sanders has been lauding communist regimes that have committed genocide, such as the Soviet Union and Cuba. Sanders called for a government takeover of the majority of industries, and offered an economic bill of rights called 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights. This could have been taken straight out of Josef Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution. Here are just a few stars of the Democrat Party. You can see that this is an elitist movement, which is driven from the top. As Gramsci suggested, and as I would add. Vladimir Lenin urged it. Clinton, for example, graduated from Yale Law School. Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, and Sanders from University of Chicago. It is hard to call them proletariat. Vladimir Lenin who led the Russian Revolution of 1917 also believed in top-down revolution, which he called “democratic centralization”. Democratic centralization. It is obvious that it’s not democratic. The majority of Russians weren’t communist revolutionaries at the time when the tsar was overthrown. Lenin believed that only a few could lead the masses, and he was the first of equals. Lenin also preached that every aspect of the society must be managed by the party, and all citizens must adhere the the party’s program. He didn’t believe that Marxist ideologies would naturally appeal to the masses. Instead, he used an iron fist in order to enforce the party agenda. All public opposition must be crushed. No opposition is tolerated, and every aspect of life is subject to the will of the Communist Party-controlled state. Truth and justice will be determined by what is in the interests of the Communist Party. Inevitably the Democrat Party’s endless cultural, economic, and political interventions, always in the name and for some virtuous, wealthy cause, lead to a steady decline in liberty, a steady rise in totalitarianism, and exploitation of people. The citizenry is ruled by a smaller and smaller number of masterminds, backed up by an increasing army bureaucrats and enforcers. As endless as the abuses of authority are, so too are their justifications. Slowly but surely, the people become accustomed to it and even vote in favor of it. It’s then too late. It is well known that the police state does not retreat peacefully. Moreover, a state-run media, which poses as a “free press”, supports the Democrat Party as the official state party. State media are just as sly and devious as the party that they support. Like other propagandists they are adept at lying and deceiving for their cause. The Democrat Party becomes more powerful and dangerous every time it wins an election. Totalitarianism at the ballot box is nothing new. Even today, Democrat Party victories in elections further empowers the administrative state. Its appointed judicial oligarchs hold what is close to permanent governing power without any checks or personal consequences that mankind has ever created. The Democrat Party is able to make the most out of their electoral victories. They use them to enshrine changes in the electoral system that are to its advantage and to expand and strengthen the non-elected government appended to the party. While Republican Party victories are deeply disturbing and intolerable for the Democrat Party they are increasingly seen as brief interludes on the long march towards what is effectively a hardening of democratic control by one party. Nevertheless, as with other autocratic parties the Democrat Party, its media, and other surrogates, relentlessly pursue Republican victors using all manner of tactics. They must pay a high personal and professional cost for daring to win an election and challenge the Democrat Party’s one-party rule. Richard Nixon, for example, was forced to resign because he did far less than Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy, who weaponized the Irish FBI, and then even the CIA. Ronald Reagan was investigated over the so-called Iran Contra matter. This was nothing in comparison to Barack Obama’s $1.7 Billion cash payment and nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime. The Democrat Party’s relentless political and criminal pursuit against Donald Trump is unprecedented. The Democrat Party has a limitless hatred for America. The Democrat Party is against America. This is from the first chapter. Pre-order copies of the book at 40% off on You can also buy it from any other retailer or outlet. You’ll think that this book is for today? This time. This time. These words were written seven to eight months ago, Mr. Producer. As we edited it, I made updates along the way. The tyranny has become so widespread and aggressive. It is impossible to update the information to the current day or week. The principles I’ve presented are still valid. Talk about the history I have presented. It’s all the same. They don’t give a damn if it means destroying our voting system. They know that the Republicans are scumbags and will not use their power against them. They won’t be using that power against them. The bill that bars Mike Pence is in place. We have the Chris Christie’s. The Larry Hogan. Asa Hutchison, Chris Sununu. Mitch McConnell and the other phalanx. Of quislings. They do not have such a thing. This passive or quiet revolution. Is, in fact, taking place right before your eyes. You know what they’re going to be discussing on Capitol Hill today? UFOs. UFOs. The country is at the edge of collapse. China’s communist government is growing. They are preparing for war. On Capitol Hill today, UFOs are being discussed. Media discussing UFOs. When is it appropriate to talk about what’s going on with Trump? MSNBC and CNN belong to the. The state media. They call it the state media. You know exactly what they are going to say before they do. They are propagandists. They exist in order to promote totalitarianism. They think that they can escape. They’ll be eaten up. They encourage tyranny. They encourage tyranny. They are against their opponents or those who disagree with them. There’s no reason to promote Bill Barr or his like. Who is the weak side of. Our republic. They are the weaker side of our republic. They’re the Benedict Arnold. They are the swindlers. You can call them whatever you want. Mike Pence’s claims about election integrity are undermined by his statements before January 6. Constitutional duty. Pence has insisted that he lacks the constitutional authority to return the results of the elections to the states in dispute for review. He also insisted there was no evidence of fraud in the result of the 2020 election. However, the former vice president’s own words before the events of Jan. 6 seem to contradict his narrative after leaving office. Pence is seen in video footage from an address given less than a week before the certifying of the results on January 6 expressing concern about election irregularities and promising to listen to his supporters’ objections during the certification process. This suggests that he believed in his authority. He said: I know that we all have doubts about this election. On January 4, he told his supporters that he shared the concerns of millions Americans regarding voting irregularities. I promise this. We’ll be in Congress on Wednesday. We will hear objections. We’ll listen to the evidence. Pence made these remarks at a rally in support of then GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, and the Georgia runoff. Smith’s indictment also includes six co-conspirators with whom Trump is alleged to have conspired illegally to overturn the election. What a ridiculous idea. He alleges that one of these individuals put forward plans laying out the theory Pence could declare the electoral slates for seven disputed state invalid. It’s also interesting that Jack the Ripper didn’t say a single word in the brief of the indictments. SMITH, and the Attorney General of the United States. This is a smidgen. Do you have constitutional language or constitutional histories that contradict the advice Trump received? If the Department of Justice. Jack the Ripper. Smith cannot give any language from the Constitution or the Constitutional Convention. Michael Leunig, who gave him an S, doesn’t matter to me. They can’t even provide a single word that disputes the advice Trump received, regardless of whether it was sound advice or bad advice. How the hell can they make a criminal charge based on that? I’ll be back shortly.

Segment 4

Do you really believe this? Do you believe the. The majority of it. This demagogue is a scumbag. After she said her false teeth or facelift would unravel in front of us, showing one of these UFO Pilots. You know, perhaps the skin would disappear. There it is: a UFO Pilot. Now she’s there. She says: This is why, people, we want to eliminate the Republican Party in the next elections. Imagine if they succeeded. You can imagine if they succeed. It’s over. They’re fighting to the death right now. This is why the charges are made now and not later. Bill Barr’s animosity has blinded him. And probably the cholesterol. This has gathered around his eyes. I don’t understand. He’s irrelevant. He’s a fool. Like John Bolton. He was making items as he continued to make them. You can see the disgruntled ex-employees that Trump has fired or quit. They are enraged. They can’t walk away. No, no, no. Never hate on a boy. The most absurd case brought to a federal court, but without involving the date of January 6, has been brought. Have you ever had a case involving January 6 and not involving it? It’s incoherent when you read it. It’s because people who defend the law have difficulty explaining it. It is utterly uncoherent. Trump lied about the election over and over, and upset people. You can try January. No. Who cares then what you think. Who cares what you think?

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