BAILOUT BLOCKED Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Cancellation of Student Loans

Joe already spoke like it was a done deal.

A Texas federal judge declared President Biden’s plan to cancel student loans unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman made this ruling in response a lawsuit brought by the Job Creators Network Foundation.

“The Job Creators Network filed the suit last month on behalf two borrowers, one of whom did not qualify for full program benefits and the other who was deemed uneligible,” The Daily Wirereports.

Pittman wrote that “This case concerns the question of whether Congress-through the HEROES act–gave authority to the Secretary to implement a Program which provides debt forgiveness for millions of student-loan borrowers totaling more than $400 billion.” This Court is not able to decide whether the Program is good public policy. It is, however, undisputed that it is one of the largest delegations of legislative power to executive branches and one of largest exercises of legislative authority without congressional authorization in the United States’ history.

Pittman said, “In this nation, we aren’t ruled by an all powerful executive with a pen or a telephone.” Pittman said that instead, the Constitution provides for three independent branches of government. President James Madison warned that ‘[t]he accumulation all powers, legislative and executive, and judiciary in the same hands of one, two, or more and regardless of whether sheeditary, self-appointed or elected, may justly deem the very definition of Tyranny’. 47.”

He concluded that “The Court isn’t blind to the current political divide in our country.” “But, it is essential to the survival and growth of our Republic that the separation between powers as defined in our Constitution be maintained. The Court has interpreted the HEROES act and found that it doesn’t provide ‘clear congressional authorization for the Program proposed to the Secretary.”

Biden claimed in a speech that the plan was passed by him by just a few votes.

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