BARR’S BACK! Rosanne Lands a New Anti-Woke show on Elon Musk’s X [DETAILS]

She’s back from the cancelation hell.

She is back from cancellation hell.

A report by The New York Post states thatcomedian Roseanne Barr will be hosting a new series on Elon Musk’s X. Publicsq signed Barr, 70, to a six figure deal.

PublicSq is a conservative online marketplace that competes with Amazon.

The New York Post :

The company that went public last month via SPAC will be the exclusive sponsor of whatever the comedian says in his often foul mouth this month.

Sources said that it could be a monologue, or a sketch comedy. It would have to last at least half an hour and air every month.

It will be provocative, no matter what format it takes. This is exactly what Musk, the self-proclaimed free speech extremist who wants to add more original content to Twitter.

Barr said that “we’re Elon’s followers and it’s pretty obvious to us that what we want goes”, On The Money.

She added, “It is a wonderful way to fight against totalitarianism.”

Sources who are familiar with the strange relationship between these two bedfellows point to YouTube’s removal of a video in which Bar joked about Holocaust denial, and Jews controlling media. Barr is Jewish.

The New York Post has more details about

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