Before a coastal low winds bring down snow and ice forecasts across Northeast

A coastal low is bringing rain, snow and ice to the Northeast. This comes as a major lake-effect snow event, bringing feet, is expected to unfold through Friday.

On Wednesday, a coastal low that brings rain, snow and wind to the Northeast will begin to wind down.

Some areas in New England and upstate New York will see some snowfall before the season is over.

The northeastern Fox weather forecast model on Wednesday . Credit Fox News

A major lake-effect snow storm will continue through Friday with snowfall expected to reach feet in some areas downwind from Lake Erie or Ontario.

There is a possibility of snow on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie Thursday (Credit Fox News).

When all is said and done, the Buffalo area could see between 2-6 feet of new snow.

New York is expected to see significant lake-effect snow (Credit Fox News).

The arctic air invasion continues, with most states experiencing the chill throughout the weekend.

Wednesday’s fire weather outlook for southern California (Credit Fox News).

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Santa Ana winds have caused high wind advisories in southern California and elevated risk of fire.

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