“BEST IS YET to COME”: Noem Sails to re-election, Blasts Biden at Victory Speech

Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor (Republican), easily defeated Jamie Smith, her Democratic challenger in the state House Minority Leader. This secured a second trip to governor’s mansion.

Noem stated that she would build upon her victories during her victory speech; however, she also criticised Joe Biden.

Noem stated that Americans across the nation are seeing South Dakota as a shining city on the Hill.

From Fox News:

In her speech, she highlighted these achievements and promised more in her second term. Noem stated that the state will see “the largest tax reduction in its history”, eliminating the state’s sales tax on grocery purchases. The governor promised to increase paid family leave for private citizens and eliminate regulations on child-care, strengthen the state’s food supply chain, and defend “integrity of our elections.”

Noem stated that Democrats in the United States are following an extremist agenda by people who don’t love our country and don’t share our values.

They don’t value freedom and opportunity. They are obsessed with control. They use fear to achieve it,” said the governor.

Noem asked Biden if he is still in control of his administration in his old age or is being controlled around him.

“The Joe Biden we thought we knew five years ago is no longer the man who sits in the White House today.” Noem stated that although I might not have agreed politically with Joe Biden, I did not doubt his mind.”

Noem, however, stated that she believes Biden is responsible for the terrible consequences of his policies.

Noem stated, “Make no mistake. The nation that is unfolding all around us is Joe Biden’s America — it’s not what I want to leave my children and grandkids.”

“Families are now poorer than ever under Joe Biden’s leadership. His America makes it unsafe for children to walk on the streets. “In his America, nuclear war is closer than ever before,” Noem stated, slamming the president’s record and provoking speculation about her presidential ambitions.

As Noem celebrated Republican victories across the country, she encouraged her party members to “look at South Dakota as an example of the America we can all build together,” asserting her claim to be the GOP’s national leader.

Noem expressed gratitude to her Twitter followers:

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