Biden claims Putin warrant is “justified” as U.K. intelligence suggests Kremlin will increase conscription age range

The International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin was “justified,” President Joe Biden said Friday.

President Joe Biden stated Friday that the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin had been “justified”.

Biden stated that he believed he had committed war crimes. Biden said he believed the warrant was justified, but he also pointed out that the U.S., just like Russia does not recognize the court’s jurisdiction.

After the ICC warrant had accused Putin of committing war crime of overseeing unlawful abductions and deportations of children from Ukraine to Russia, he made these comments.

It stated that there was reasonable ground to believe that Putin had individual liability for the crimes and that he had failed in his duty to properly supervise subordinates.

Maria Alekseyevna Lvova–Belova was also arrested. The ICC claimed that she had been involved in similar crimes to Putin’s presidential commission for children’s rights.

Russia was furious and Dmitriy peskov, Putin’s press secretary, rejected the findings. “We don’t recognize this court. We don’t recognize its jurisdiction.” “This is how we treat it,” he stated in Telegram.

describing the allegations as “fantasy” and a way to discredit Russia, Moscow consistently denies war crimes claims. Last month, Russia’s embassy in the United States stated that it had accepted children who fled the fighting.

Moscow formally withdrew from the founding statutes of the ICC in 2016. However, the ICC move will obligate its 123 member countries to arrest Putin and transfer to the court headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands if he crosses their borders.

Volunteers have the remains of a Uragan Rocket after a Dolyna monastery was shelled in Dolyna.

However, most governments adhere to an international legal principle that states have legal immunity from the jurisdictions of other courts.

In Russia, the U.K. Defense Ministry stated in an intelligence briefing Saturday the Kremlin was increasing military conscription to meet war needsand was likely change age restrictions and restrictions about who is eligible to serve.

The Duma, Russia’s Parliament, introduced Monday a bill to modify the age range of conscription for men aged between 21 and 30. The current age range is between 18 and 27, the Duma stated, noting that the new law will be in effect in January.

According to the briefing, “The authorities are likely to change the age bracket in order to boost troop numbers by ensuring students are forced eventually to serve,.”

Russia still officially prohibits conscripts from Ukraine operations, but it stated that “at least 100” of them had served through administrative mixups or being coerced into signing contracts.

According to the briefing, this will allow professional soldiers to fight more, even if conscripts do not go into conflict in Ukraine.

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