Biden takes aim at the ‘MAGA” GOP economic vision amid the debt ceiling impasse

President Joe Biden denounced “MAGA Republicans in Congress” Wednesday in a speech that centered on competing economic visions amid a debt ceiling standoff.

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden attacked “MAGA Republicans” in Congress on Wednesday, in a speech that contrasted his economic agenda against the GOP’s. The two sides are in an escalated standoff regarding the Debt Ceiling.

Biden told a group of union workers in Accokeek (a suburb of Washington) that “you and the American public should be aware of the competing economic visions for the country, which are at stake at this time.” “Just two weeks ago, Kevin McCarthy , speaker of the House , went to Wall Street in order to promote the MAGA economic plan for America.

McCarthy’s agenda, Biden said was “the same old trickle down dressed up in MAGA clothes” and “he proposed huge cuts to… programs that millions hard-working middle-class Americans depend on.”

Biden’s criticism of McCarthy, and the House Republicans’ economic plan has intensified as tensions grow over the debt ceiling and Biden prepares to announce his anticipated re-election. McCarthy has been accused by the White House of failing to present a counter-offer to President Obama’s budget. This would have put the country’s trust and credit at risk.

“America is not an unreliable nation. We fulfill our obligations. Biden said on Wednesday that no one should jeopardize America’s full faith and credit. They say that we will default unless I accept all of these crazy notions.

Biden and McCarthy in Washington on March 17.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images file

Biden claimed McCarthy gave “a speech without any plan” in New York. McCarthy talks of “limiting spending”, Biden said. But “what he did not say is that he didn’t tell you how much he wanted to cut.”

Biden criticized House Republicans by citing Donald Trump’s debt-limit negotiation tactics while he was President. He also cited Trump’s objections against using the debt limit as a tool to extract political concessions.

Biden quoted Trump: “I can’t even imagine anyone ever thinking of using the debt limit as a bargaining wedge.” “I guess he did not know the new MAGA Republicans that he bred.”

Biden called for House Republicans to “take the default option off the table, and let’s really have a serious conversation.”

The White House accused House Republicans that they were threatening to “kill”, thousands of manufacturing jobs, as GOP legislators look to cut Biden’s Infrastructure Law and other legislation in order to pass a budget bill.

Biden made his remarks after a Tuesday phone call with Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (both D-N.Y.), in which both Democrats stated that they would not compromise on Biden position to not negotiate over the debt ceiling .

According to the White House, “President Biden and Leader Schumer agree that we will not negotiate over default, and Republicans should pass an unambiguous bill, like they did three time in the previous administration.”

House Republicans have moved forward with a Bill to raise the debt limit up to $1.5 trillion, or until March 31. The bill would also include spending cuts and repeal Biden’s signature laws. Schumer has said that the bill won’t pass the Senate. However, if the House passes it, Republicans could force negotiations on spending cuts to avoid a default.

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