Joe is having a difficult week.

Biden recognized Kamala Harris’ birthday during remarks at an event this Week for Diwali, the festival in Hinduism and Sikhism. He only called her “President”

“I know that we will celebrate Diwali, but it was Kamala’s birthday a few years ago. Biden joked that she turned 30.

“Happy birthday to a great president. “We know that your mom is always there for you,” Biden stated.

See the video below:

Biden will turn 80 in September and is the oldest sitting President of the United States. Biden’s mental health has been repeatedly questioned as his gaffes seem to become more frequent. Biden also stated in a MSNBC interview that he could “drop dead tomorrow.”

Biden said to Jonathan Capehart, “You know, you, could be, but I respect fate.” “I could get a serious illness tomorrow. I could also die tomorrow.” However, my energy level and ability to accomplish what I want, I believe people should ask themselves if they still feel the same passion. If they believe I do, and that I can do it then that’s great.

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