BIDEN’S BOUNDARY: More than a dozen Uzbek nationals smuggled in the U.S.

Officials are scrambling to “identify and assess” a group of migrants brought into the U.

CNN reports that officials are scrambling “to identify and assess” the group of migrants who were brought to the U.S. from a smuggler with ties to ISIS.

At this time, no specific ISIS plots have been identified.

CNN’s Adrienne Watson , a spokesman for the National Security Council, said: “There were no indications — and there are no indications — that the individuals who have been facilitated by the network have any connection to a terrorist organization abroad or are plotting an attack on the United States.”

The New York Post :

The authorities say that the migrants who requested asylum earlier this year at the border of Mexico were screened by Homeland Security.

CNN reported that none of the databases in the intelligence community raised any red flags. They were all released to the US, pending a trial appearance.

The FBI only learned later of a smuggling ring that helped Uzbeks enter the US, which included at least one person with ISIS ties.

The report stated that the bureau launched a nationwide search to find the migrants and worked closely with Turkish authorities who arrested the smuggler, as well as other members of the network.

Officials said that the Bureau has received additional information from this unnamed smuggler in order to help with its investigation.

CBS News reports that “Border Patrol reported apprehending migrants along the U.S.Mexico border who had positive matches on the terrorism watchlist so far in this fiscal year. This is already higher than the previous record set by government statistics for fiscal year 2022.” In fiscal year 2020, the agency only reported 15 of these apprehensions.”

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