BLOOD KATH – Adams Slams Hochul over Metro Migrant Crisis – ‘The Governor Is Wrong!’

Gloves are off in the Empire State.

The Empire State has banned the gloves.

According to a report by The New York PostBig Apple mayor Eric Adams has spoken out against Kathy Hochul for failing to manage the influx immigrants bussed into New York City.

Adams believes Hochul must be more aggressive about forcing other parts of the state, such as rural areas, to accept asylum seekers.

“Gov. Hochul is a good partner in subway safety and crime.

She is the Governor of New York. New York City is located in this state. “Every county in this state should participate.”

From the New York Post

Hochul blamed President Biden in an address last week to the state. He demanded that the White House take responsibility for the more than 100,000 asylum-seekers who have arrived at New York from the southern border since last spring.

Adams attacked Hochul in a press release following her speech, saying that she had “abdicated” her duty as Governor to create a statewide solution to the crisis by forcing other New York regions to pitch in.

New York City currently cares for almost 60,000 migrants according to City Hall figures last week. Thousands arrive each week forcing officials to scramble in order to find emergency housing.

Adams said Tuesday morning, “This is an important leadership moment.”

He warned that “this is a human crisis of national proportions which this [administration] has been able manage. But the dam has now broken.”

The New York Post:

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