Broadway actor Simba who played in The Lion King &# 039 has died at age 47.

Broadway Actor Clifton Oliver, best known for playing Simba in ‘The Lion King," has died at 47.

Broadway actor Clifton Oliver who played Simba in “The Lion King” has died aged 47.

According to Roxy Hall, the actor died Wednesday morning.

Hall wrote on Facebook that “His partner Richard was singing the song Psalm 23, as he breathed his last this morning, at 3:20 am,” Hall said. “He had the most beautiful smile on his face!” He spun into the afterlife, ready to be the star of the celebrations for his homecoming!

Oliver’s cause of death is not clear. However, Hall says that Oliver spent the last six weeks in hospital and hospice care.

Instagram has a tribute to the actor’s broadway show.

The post stated: “Today, Pride is joining in the memory of Clifton Oliver who shared his talent and light with audiences on Broadway, Las Vegas and our North American Tour from 2000-2011.”

The lights at the New Amsterdam Theatre will dim on Tuesday, at 5 pm in honor of Oliver’s legacy.

According to, Oliver was born 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2010, he moved to New York City to pursue a Broadway career.

According to the outlet, he is best known for playing Benny in “The Lion King,” and “In The Heights,” where Jordin Sparks played alongside him.

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