California deputies free a bear trapped in a car using rope, reveal preventive measures: video

Sheriff's deputies in South Lake Tahoe, California, recently freed a bear that had become trapped inside a vehicle using a rope tied to the door.

Deputies from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office freed a trapped bear near Lake Tahoe in California.

In a post on social media, posted by officials on May 28, a black bear was found trapped inside a car at a South Lake Tahoe residence.

The Incline Patrol officers who responded to the call put their heads together, and devised a plan for safely releasing the bear.

A deputy is seen in the video tying a yellow rope around the handle of the backseat car door and backing off to a safe distance. Hidden behind a large tree, the deputy pulls the rope on the backseat door to open it. A big brown bear jumps out.

A Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputy ties a line to a car’s door in order to open it safely and free the trapped bear.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office The brown bear that was released from the car.

Video shows the bear running off into woods. The video ends with photos of the interior of the vehicle, which has been heavily damaged by an obviously angry bear.

Officials said that spring is a time of activity for the Tahoe bear population. It’s a reminder to always be on guard when you are enjoying nature.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has shared a few tips on how to prevent “unwelcome” bear visits.

Be aware of the presence of food packaging, coolers and scented products in your vehicle. Avoid leaving food inside cars. “Don’t leave trash outside. Dispose of it inside designated bear-proof receptacles (not near them),” the sheriff’s department said.

Above all else, “Do Not Feed the Bears!”

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After deputies freed the brown bear from the car, where it had been trapped, it was filmed fleeing. (Washoe County Sheriff’s Office).

In the United States, bear attacks are rare. However, victims have been seriously injured or killed. There are guidelines from the National Park Service for encounters with bears, which may reduce the danger.

The National Park Service website says that “Your safety may depend on your abilities to calm down the bear.” Stay calm if a bear surprises you. If the bear is unaware of your existence, do not surprise it.

According to the guidelines, you should keep your distance and avoid shocking an animal. If it starts to pay attention to you, there are a few strategies you can use.

Stay calm if you are confronted by a bear. Speak in a low voice and gently move your arms to make the bear see you as a person and not prey. Avoid screams or sudden movements. Pick up any small children you have with you and prevent them from making loud noises or screaming, which the bear may mistakenly identify as a predator.


The trapped bear severely damaged the interior of the vehicle.

Bears will avoid you if you hike and travel in groups. Bears are intimidated by large groups. Make yourself appear as large as possible if you’re alone. You can do this by moving higher up.

Bears can climb up trees. Avoid running, or the bear may chase you. Standing your ground and moving slowly sideways away from the bear if it is stationary will make you appear less threatening.

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It is important to never interfer with a mother bear and her cubs. If you think that a mother bear is a threat to her cubs then the likelihood of an attack increases.

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