California rains result in one death, five rescues and four others missing.

Ten people were swept away in a current near Los Angeles, including one who died and four others who are still missing

Five people were saved, one is still missing and four others are still unaccounted after being swept downstream by a current near Los Angeles. The region was hit with several rainstorms.

Fox Los Angeles reported that six people were said to have been swept away by an Ontario caller Tuesday morning. Later, fire authorities confirmed that 10 people were washed away.


Three people were washed downstream by the current. Rescue crews can be seen helping them. Ten people were washed away in the flood, with one person being found dead and four others unaccounted for. (Ontario Fire department)

Five people were rescued by Wednesday afternoon. One body was found at a basin. Four more were still missing.

The Ontario Fire Department posted a video on Tuesday showing the current moving quickly, and warned people to avoid flood channels and riverbeds.

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It takes only six inches of water for someone to be swept away, according to the agency.

This happened as Los Angeles was hit by rainstorms which brought snow and flooding to Southern California.

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