Canada wildfire smoke is forecast to cause unhealthy air in some parts of the United States on another day.

Unhealthy air in parts of the United States was forecast for another day Friday as smoke from Canada wildfires continued to be brought south by winds, but some improvement has been seen.

Smoke from wildfires in Canada continued to blow south, causing unhealthy air conditions for another day on Friday. However, some improvements have been noted.

New York City was covered in an orange haze that began Tuesday after smoke from wildfires spread south.

This week, the city with more than 8,000,000 people was considered the worst in the world for air quality. But by Friday morning it ranked 15th by tracking service

According to the National Weather Service, air quality alerts cover most of New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey and all of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio, as well parts of Michigan and Michigan.

The U.S. weather service said that a “region of upper low pressure” has been and will continue to direct smoke from wildfires burning in Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia into the Midwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic during the weekend, in a discussion.

Air quality coverage is expanding

New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned those at risk to stay inside and to limit time spent outside in the smoke. Weather service says air quality alerts extend into Friday in much of the region.

Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. were also affected. Conditions also caused delays or cancellations of flights.

The Philadelphia school district announced that it would be operating remotely Friday, out of caution.

Students in New York City’s public schools who were supposed to be in class on Friday were also moved to remote. However, a “clerical” day that was previously scheduled meant some students wouldn’t be attending Friday classes anyway.

According to the Canadian government and U.S. weather forecasters, more than 400 wildfires are burning in Canada. The country is experiencing extremely warm temperatures and dry weather.

Canada has received help from the United States and other countries.

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