Casey Anthony: “Tot mom” pins blame, weeps over questions about daughter’s death in tell-all

"Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies" documents the first time the woman appeared on camera since she was found not guilty of Caylee’s murder, but guilty of lying to police.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Peacock Docuseries “Casey Anthony – Where the Truth Lies.”

An incredibly sad case that gripped millions of hearts for years has been brought back to the forefront as Casey Anthony, the woman at center of it all, has renewed her claims against her father.

Anthony was cleared in 2011 of the 2008 Florida death her 2-year-old girl, Caylee. She sobbed as filmmakers asked her what she believed to be the truth.

She told filmmakers that she had admitted to lying, but no one ever asked why.


Casey Anthony is back in the spotlight with a docuseries about her daughter’s murder. (Fox News)

“Casey Anthony – Where the Truth Lies”, documents the first appearance of the woman since Caylee was killed.


“She was made a pariah, one of the most hated women in the country.”

— Patrick McKenna to “Casey Anthony”: Where the Truth Lies

Each episode lasts over an hour and features interviews with former members of Anthony’s defense team. Baez stated previously that he had never seen the show or was not involved.

Anthony did not accuse her father George Anthony (71 years old) of intentionally killing Caylee but heavily accused him of being involved.


Anthony stated that he was not accusing him of murder but that it was an accident in the pool. The three-part series was provided by Fox News Digital prior to its Nov. 29 release.

“There was nothing that led us to that path that George is responsible for the death or injury of the child.”

— Det. Eric Edwards to “Casey Anthony”: Where the Truth Lies

Fox News Digital spoke to George Anthony on Wednesday, stating that he had been in touch with an attorney. Fox News Digital reached out to him on Tuesday and he declined to comment. He stated that he would like to see the entire documentary. Fox News Digital didn’t have access to Anthony’s show footage.

In their search for Caylee Marie Anthony, a 2-year-old girl from Orange County, detectives tried to find dozens of tips. (Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images).

Anthony said to the camera, “I lost everything the moment I lost her – everything.” “Everyday, I live with a broken soul. “I want to find out why.”

Anthony’s trial lasted more than a year. Her parents and brother were also called witnesses.

Baez claimed that Caylee drowned inadvertently and that her death was covered up. However, Casey stated that she doesn’t believe her daughter drowned above ground in her family’s pool. Prosecutors argued that Casey Anthony drowned the girl with chloroform, then covered her mouth with duct tape.

Krystal Holloway, a woman claiming to have been in an extramarital affair with George Anthony following Caylee’s disappearance testified during the trial that he said it was “an accident that snowballed outof control.”


Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated kid abuse and aggravated manslaughter after a jury deliberated for eleven hours. Four counts of lying to police were convicted.

LIFE After Trial

Anthony acknowledged that jurors rendered “the right guilty verdict.”

“I did lie to law enforcement. She said that she had admitted to lying to law enforcement.

She said, “I’m a bit too honest.” I’m blunt. I’m direct. It’s almost painfully so.”

Casey Anthony is seen in court before the Orlando sentencing hearing on July 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Joe Burbank, Pool)

Anthony moved in with Patrick McKenna and his family after the trial. McKenna described Anthony as the equivalent to one of his children and confirmed that Anthony continued working at his investigation firm.

He said, “I believe she’s very honest today.” “I trust her so much, that I trust with my research and with my invoices… It’s my job to catch lies. She is very honest.

Anthony, who lives alone now, kept a low profile aside from sporadic media interviews before the documentary.

She has maintained contact with many members of her legal team, including a former forensics expert who praised her in all three episodes. The team claimed that George’s statements regarding his daughter were different depending on whether he was speaking to law enforcement officers or the media.

Eric Edwards, a detective in homicide, stated that George, who was a former member law enforcement, reported to investigators Casey had last seen Caylee. Edwards stated that investigators also investigated George’s status as a suspect.

“Would this, in my mind? He’s one of the few people who sees them together. Edwards stated that it was possible. “But there was nothing that led us to that path that George is responsible for the death or injury of the child.”

McKenna said that law enforcement believed everything out of George Anthony’s mouth and did not consider every person a suspect.

McKenna said that George was viewed by them as more than a witness. He’s like a part of the action with them. “We got our girl. That’s the mentality. “We don’t look at other places because they don’t fit our story.

After placing a Teddy Bear at the memorial to their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony at First Baptist Orlando, in Orlando, Florida, George and Cindy Anthony are seated. (

He said, “She became pariah – one of the most despised women in the country.”

Casey Anthony, a sometimes sobby or emotional Casey Anthony, told the camera that she was 22 years old and was “a scared child.”

“I am not afraid anymore. Now, I’m angry. She said that she has reverted to that fearful place and now my anger just grows over the years. “Manipulation after manipulation after manipulation. He was cleared by law enforcement right away.


Jose Baez, her defense attorney, and Casey Anthony hold hands as they listen to the Orange County Courthouse verdict on July 5, 2011. (Pool)

Similar to Baez, Anthony claimed that she was sexually abused at the hands of her father. He would put a pillow on her head if she refused.

Caylee was also touched by Casey’s tears as she shared her story of the day she last saw her daughter.

George Anthony is seen in Florida on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 as his daughter Casey Anthony makes shocking allegations in a documentary. (The Mega Agency

Anthony claimed that Caylee and she had been sleeping in her bed since June 16, 2008 because she wasn’t feeling well. She claimed she believed she had locked her door.

She said, “I was woken up by him (her dad), shaking me and asking where Caylee was.” “She wouldn’t leave my room without telling you.”

She continued, “I immediately began looking around the house ….. I go outside, looking for where she might be. She is not in her playhouse. “Where is she?”

When asked if she’d ever looked into the pool, she replied, “Didn’t have to.”

George Anthony is seen in Florida on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 as his daughter Casey Anthony makes shocking allegations in a documentary. (The Mega Agency

Then, she saw her father “standing there beside her.”

She said, “She’s soaking shet.” “He handed her over to me, telling me it was my fault. That’s what I did. It was my fault. He didn’t rush for 911 or try to revive her. I collapsed in her arms.”

Anthony stated that Caylee was both “heavy” & “cold”.

George Anthony changed his manner and took Caylee, his daughter, Casey Anthony stated.

She said that he immediately softened his tone and told me, “It’s going be OK.” He said it to me. I wanted to believe him …. He took my wife and walked off.

She stated that she didn’t believe her daughter drowned, and said that the above ground pool had no ladder and that there was no way for her to get up.

She said, “There’s no explanation, except [George] put her into the pool to cover what he did.”

Casey Anthony claimed that she left the scene and spent 31 days with her boyfriend. However, she kept silent about what she saw. She said that she believed Caylee was still living.

She said that her father kept telling her she was fine. “I was in touch with my father …. I wanted answers. “When will I see her?” What will stop us from continuing this cycle? Is she okay?

When asked what had happened between the time she last saw her daughter and the time the police were notified she replied: “I was meeting with George when he wanted me to meet him at his house. He kept me waiting for him to give me the address. He kept telling me that if I did the right thing, Cindy would be happy. Because if I did the right thing, he made me believe Caylee was still alive and that she was okay. He was there the whole time.”

After listening to the opening arguments of the state in Cindy and George Anthony’s daughter’s first degree murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida on May 24, 2011, Cindy and George Anthony left the courtroom. (AP)

Caylee was reported missing by her grandmother on July 15, 2008, just weeks after she had been last seen June 16. Anthony claimed that her daughter had been with a babysitter, whom she identified as Zenaida Gonzalez, when they vanished.

During the documentary, she claimed that she had met a woman of the same name who “was my babysitter.” But she added, “All that’s truth.” [She] wasn’t my nanny, she wasn’t my babysitter.

Casey claimed that she fell pregnant with Caylee after being raped by a man she allegedly drugged her at a party when she was 18.

Casey Anthony (24), listens to the testimony of her defense lawyer during her murder trial in Orlando, Florida on March 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool, File)

She said, “I was unsure if anyone would believe me, because, again. I know what happens when girls go to a party.” The guy just needs to respond, “Yeah, she wanted it. She wanted to be part of it. She wanted it.

She claimed that Caylee was her father.

Concerning the question of her employment at the time Caylee disappeared, which was a topic that law enforcement noted as citing her lack of truthfulness, she stated that her job was her exit plan.

After being acquitted of first-degree murder charges, Casey Anthony weeps next to Jose Baez. (Reuters)

She said, “I was trying as hard as I could to work as much as possible and not tell many people where my job was, what I was doing, or how much I was making.” “Because I wanted an escape plan for Caylee, to get out from those people and start over.”

She claimed she worked at Universal Studios as an independent contractor until her contract was terminated. At that point, she “transitioned to bartending and nightlife.”

She said, “I was making lots of cash.” “I had been telling my mom I was still working for Universal. I didn’t want her asking me questions about how I got extra money. I didn’t want her to find out my plans to leave until she was ready to hear that I was moving.

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Peacock will air “Casey Anthony: What The Truth Is” on Nov. 29.

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