Despite ex-CNN anchor Don Lemon’s X partnership being canceled before it even got off the ground, Lemon had one interview with X founder Elon Musk that was filled with important exchanges.

Former CNN anchor Don Lemon has released his interview with X owner Elon Musk — and the tense sitdown is filled with fiery exchanges between the two.

Shortly after a sitdown interview with former CNN anchor Don Lemon for a new show on X, Elon Musk decided to cut ties with Lemon, saying he “wanted to do CNN on social media which just doesn’t work.

X owner Elon Musk is defending his decision to cut ties with former CNN anchor Don Lemon; Musk decided to back out of a deal with Lemon after he was interviewed by the struggling anchor.

Former CNN anchor Don Lemon says X owner Elon Musk canceled his show on the social platform before it even aired after the two had a conversation.