Texas can enforce the law — imagine that… According to a Fox News report, the Supreme Court will allow Texas to arrest illegal migrants who are caught crossing into Texas from Mexico — a significant win for Governor Greg Abbott.

By Greg Abbott One of the most crucial rights granted in the U.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced a Forward Operating Base on 80 acres of land along the Rio Grande that will house up to 1,800 Texas National Guard soldiers, with the ability to accommodate an additional 500, Abbott’s office stated.

13 Republican governors joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the southern border over the weekend to as a sign of solidarity in the Lone Star state gov’s ongoing battle against the Biden Administration over his right to secure the state of Texas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo over the weekend about New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to hand out credit cards to illegal migrants as part of a new $53 million dollar program.

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, WPHT radio host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark.

The Lone Star State is perfectly within its rights to defend its own borders and enforce its own laws.
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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the border patrol officially reported the highest number of recorded encounters in December and the most arrests of people on the FBI terror watch list.

The Biden Administration continued to rail against sensible border security on Friday during the White House press briefing when Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized the 25 GOP governors who have voiced support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem stopped by Fox News on Thursday to express support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is currently in a border security standoff with the Biden Administration.

Former President and 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump shared a message of support on TRUTH Social on Thursday for Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is currently locked in a border battle with the Biden Administration.

Abbott spearheads a revival of federalism—and just in the nick of time.
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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, five Justices of the Supreme Court, specifically Chief Justice John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett, voted against securing the border and enforcing immigration, allowing President Biden to continue to obliterate our immigration system and our border.

The border battle continues… In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling that empowered the Biden Administration to tear down Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s protective razor wire, GOP governors across the country are stepping up to make it clear they stand with the Lone Star State and its right to self-defense.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a fiery statement on Wednesday blasting President Biden’s failures at the southern border and declaring his state’s right to self-defense.

Despite a Supreme Court ruling, Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn’t done yet… In the wake of the SCOTUS decision to allow the Biden Administration to tear down razor wire along the border, Texas Gov Greg Abbott is doubling down — installing more wire in Eagle Pass, TX.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn’t backing down.

Lone Star State Governor Greg Abbott and his National Guard have seized control of Shelby Park in the city of Eagle Pass, Texas — the center of the migrant crisis that has engulfed the U.