Cheney slams ‘pro-Putin’ McCarthy above Ukraine funding threat

Rep. Liz Cheney branded Kevin McCarthy leader of the GOP’s “pro-Putin” wing after the minority leader suggested that the U.S. should cut funding for Ukraine’s war efforts.

In an interview with Chuck Todd, NBC’s Chuck Todd, the Wyoming Republican voiced concerns about McCarthy’s potential speakership if Republicans win the House in November.

Cheney stated, “Look, the speaker comes second in line to the presidency.” “Each moment since 2020’s election, when Minority Leader McCarthy had the chance to do the right thing or do something that served his political purpose, he has always chosen to serve his political purpose.”

“Such as the assistance to Ukraine, it is clear that the party no longer supports the Ukrainian people. The idea that Kevin McCarthy will now be the leader of the pro–Putin party wing is a remarkable thing for someone who keeps Ronald Reagan’s picture on his wall at the Capitol.

Cheney, a strong hawk on foreign policy, said: “It is dangerous. He knows better. He knows better. However, the fact that he is willing to suggest that America won’t stand for freedom anymore tells me that he’s willing sacrifice everything for his political gains.”

McCarthy’s comments on Ukraine earlier this week in which he stated that the U.S. shouldn’t issue a “blank cheque” for Ukraine funding, provoked some criticism from both the Republican House caucus as well as the Biden administration.

Todd asked Cheney if there was an “isolationist streak” in the GOP. Cheney replied that while we do have isolationists within our party, there are also isolationists within the Democratic Party. Leaders must lead. If the Republican Party leader suggests that the American people won’t support the fight for liberty, which is what is happening in Ukraine right now with the battle between Putin & Zelenskyy; and the idea that he would be open to that, it tells you that he’s not ready for the office.

Cheney criticized former President Donald Trump’s continued hold on the GOP, including its “America First” approach to foreign policy issues. She also said that it was a problem with American leadership. Kevin McCarthy suggesting that the Republicans won’t support Ukraine’s aid is extremely damaging for America’s standing in international affairs. It’s also damaging to the Ukrainian effort. We are not going back to isolationism which has been a threat since the end of World War II.

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