Chicago man accused of killing a police officer is released on no bond

The Chicago man who is being charged with murdering a police officer on Wednesday was given no bond by a judge, and will remain in jail.

The man charged with killing a Chicago officer was placed in jail without bond.

Steven Montano, a Chicago resident, was charged with first-degree killing, interfering in reporting domestic violence and aggravated discharge after allegedly shooting dead Andres Vasquez–Lasso, a Chicago Police Officer. According to FOX Chicago, a Cook County judge refused Montano bond.

The prosecution stated that Montano started arguing with a 37 year-old woman he was seeing about their relationship.

He tried to strike his girlfriend, who got out of the way. Then he threatened to get his gun.


Police say that Steven Montano (18) is being charged with the murder of Andres Vasquez–Lasso (32), a Chicago officer. (Chicago Police Department).

Montano’s girlfriend ran out of the house, dialed 911 to report that Montano had a gun and was told that Montano followed her and took her phone. He then hung up. After hanging up on 911, he allegedly threw his phone. They then returned to their home and continued their argument.

Montano, who was believed to be carrying a gun when police arrived, was seen running towards an alleyway.

Montano dropped his gun with a magazine in front a neighbor’s house, before he took it back and loaded the magazine into the pistol. He asked his neighbors if they could conceal the gun in a garage they were in. They said no.

Then, he ran into the garage and into the backyard of the connected residence.

Vasquez Lasso spotted Montano running, and he got out of the car to start a foot chase. Montano was pursued to a school yard, where Vasquez Lasso shouted numerous commands to stop running. However, Montano refused.


img alt=”Chicago officer Andres Vasquez -Lasso was shot to death Wednesday, March 1, 2023.” src=”″/>

Chicago Police Officer Andres Vasquez–Lasso was shot to death Wednesday, March 1, 2023. (Chicago Police Department).

Montano saw Vasquez Lasso only a few feet behind him and he pulled out his pistol, pointed at the officer, and the officer shot back, officials stated.

Vasquez-Lasso shot two times and struck Montano right in the mouth. Numerous children were playing in a nearby park at the time and were forced to hide under a slide.

Officers started rendering aid for Vasquez-Lasso. He was then taken to a local hospital where he was declared dead. Prosecutors stated that Vasquez Lasso was shot in the left temple and that the bullet exited through his back. They also claimed that Vasquez-Lasso had several other gunshot wounds throughout the body.

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Officer Andres Vasquez–Lasso (32), was killed when he pursued an armed suspect, FOX 32 Chicago reports. The suspect suddenly turned and shot “at close range”, Wednesday afternoon in Gage Park. (FOX 32 Chicago)

Montano was previously arrested for running from a stolen vehicle that was being sought in a shooting.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano contributed this report.

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