China’s House Committee Chair issues a warning against the relentless spying # 039

“I believe that Xi Jinping's lifelong ambition is to take Taiwan,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) said on Fox News.

Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., one of the Chinese Communist Party’s most ardent critics on Capitol Hill warned Saturday that America does not fully understand the extent of China’s espionage in American borders.

Gallagher, a Fox News reporter on Saturday afternoon, said that “the CCP has continued their relentless espionage against America.” “We’re slowly realizing it. We’re only just scratching the surface of what is happening on American soil.

Gallagher’s comments, as the chair of the House Select Committee on China in recent months, coincide with a rise in concern from national security experts about Chinese espionage. The DOJ announced on Thursday that it had arrested two U.S. Navy Sailors on suspicion of spying for China.

The Wisconsin Republican warned of the strong influence of the mysterious United Front Work Department and the Secretive Chinese Ministry of State Security, which both play a part in gathering intelligence domestically and abroad. Both units are hidden behind the opaque Chinese government veil, making it difficult for Western observers to understand the scope and extent of their power and roles.

China has hundreds suspected covert police station around the world, which allows Beijing to monitor regime-critical people in other countries. federal prosecutors in April charged two men for operating a substation of this type in Manhattan.

Chinese MSS announced recently that it will pursue efforts to enlist Chinese citizens in counterespionage in response to a new rule that expanded the scope of Chinese spying on documents and data which could go beyond party expectations. The rule is causing concern among American officials, who are concerned that it may allow Beijing to interfere in businesses operating in China.

In China, private companies do not exist. “Everybody, everything and every entity are subject to Xi Jinping’s whims,” Gallagher stated.

The House Select Committee on China has sent letters on Tuesday to Blackrock and MSCI, two major investment companies. They asked if they had steered American dollar into companies on the blacklist. Both companies claim that they adhere to all applicable laws when conducting their business.

Gallagher stated that the United States must work towards decoupling while making sure that crucial American sectors are not dependent on China. He warned that China may have an end in mind with its intelligence efforts.

Gallagher stated that Xi Jinping has a lifelong goal of taking Taiwan. It makes sense that they would gather as much data as possible to prepare for a war, as well as to weaken the ability of the United States to send men and materials from their domestic territory to the Indo-Pacific, if we were to find ourselves in a shootout with China. We should do everything we can to avoid, deter and prevent this. It would be extremely destructive.”

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