Chris Rufo Vs Drag Queen Story Hour Brides

Many of you have had enough of me ranting about transphobia and woke totalitarianism. But I believe that it is an extremely important topic. It is something that I believe is very, very destructive and very deeply, in ways that most people don’t know. A 2015 statement by an academic who studies culture and family left me haunted. He said that if the gender binary is lost, civilization will be destroyed. This is something we’ve never thought about because biology itself has been questioned.

We now have many institutions, including the entertainment media, that support this degenerate ideology. The President of the United States invited a mentally ill narcissist into the White House to discuss the party line with him.


The President of the United States is now advocating a position that would have been unthinkable for a man in his situation a decade ago. It was twelve years ago that President Obama declared that he supported same-sex marriage. The Democratic POTUS now wants to change the law so that minors can get transgender hormones and mutilating surgery.

Christopher Rufo’s is a brilliant, must-read essay on how Drag Queen Story Hour really focuses on grooming children to embrace genderfluidity, queerness, and sexuality. He discredits the claim that DQSH is only good, clean fun. Excerpts:

Although the drag queen may appear to be a comical figure, he has a very serious message. He advocates the destruction of sex and reconstruction of child sexuality as well as the subversion of middle class family life. This movement’s ideology was incubated at the academy and born in San Francisco’s sex dungeons. The ideology is being passed on with the official support of the United States government in many public libraries and schools. Parents and citizens can now understand the new sexual politics by digging into the roots of the ideology and reading the writings of their activists.

That’s alarmist! You don’t understand what you are talking about. Continue reading:


Queer theory was born in 1984 when Gayle S. Rubin published her essay ” Thought Sex: Notes on a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality.” Rubin, a lesbian activist and writer, began to explore the subcultures of leather and orgies in San Francisco. She also became involved in the sado-masochism and bondage of domination of sadomasochism (BDSM) clubs, literary societies and New Age spiritualist gatherings Rubin attempted to reconcile her experiences with the American sexual underworld and the larger forces of American society in “Thinking Sex.” Rubin, inspired by the French theorist Michel Foucault’s work, sought to reveal the power dynamics that shaped or repressed sexual experience.

This is the end of this journey. At its logical conclusion: the abolition of restrictions on the behavior at the bottom end of the moral spectrum–pedophilia. Although Rubin uses euphemisms like “boylovers” or “men who love young people under age,” she makes her case clear and forcefully. Rubin, throughout “Thinking Sex,” decries child sex abuse fears as “erotic hypersteria”, rails against antichild pornography laws and advocates for legalizing and normalizing “those who erotically transgress generational boundaries.” In Rubin’s words, these men are not deviants but victims. She explains that boy-lovers, like homosexuals and communists in 1950s, are so stigmatized it is hard to find defenders of their civil liberties or even their erotic orientation.

Rufo examines the chronology of DQSH through a few key figures. He concludes that queer theory reaches its subversive peak in the drag phenomenon.

Following the themes of Butler, Rubin and others, drag aims to destroy gender norms through performativity, and to restore the lowest levels of the sexual hierarchy by elevating the marginal. Hankins writes that the act of paying a dominant/domineering female, a male submissive, a hapless worker slave, or a man allows an audience member to temporarily assume one or more of the following ‘bad/unnatural’ social roles: the pedophile or closeted gay chickenhawk; the sugar daddy, momma, or even the sexualized youth/child. Genderfuck is a discipline that goes beyond adult-child sexual sex. Hankins explains that this performance style “foregrounds tropes de primitivism and degeneracy, as tools of protest, liberation”, and seeks out to subvert taboos about “pedophilia,” necrophilia and human-animal sexual sex” These performances are the culmination more than a century of work, from the silk-and satin drag balls to deconstructionist hyper-cerebral politics to the destruction of traditional notions.

Finally, we reach a few queer theorists who have written a book on “dragpedagogy,” which explains how this seemingly innocent pastime for children actually serves to fundamentally disrupt traditional notions about sexuality and gender.

Kornstein published also the manifesto for the movement, Drag Pedagogy. The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood,” along with Harper Keenan (a female-tomale transgender queer scholar at the University of British Columbia). The essay, which includes citations of Butler and Foucault, begins by applying queer theory to the education system. The professional vision of educators is often designed to reflect the state’s ideal citizenry. According to Kornstein and Keenan, schooling serves the purpose of straightening the child in a captive alignment with that vision. To put it simply, institutional management of gender was used to maintain racist and capitalist (re)production in the USA and Western Europe.

The authors propose “drag teaching,” which is a method of stimulating the “queer imagination,” teaching children “how to live querly” and “bringing queer ways to knowing and being into education.” This intellectual and political project requires drag queens to work towards destroying traditional notions about sexuality, replacing biological families with ideological ones, and inducing transgressive sexual desires among young children. They write that trans and queer pedagogies are based in part on queer theory and trans studies and seek to actively disrupt the normative function schooling through transformative learning. This is fundamentally different from movements for inclusion or assimilation LGBT people in existing school and society structures.

It’s all there. The drag phenomenon is not something to be taken lightly. It is grooming. They know this and lie to us. They don’t care about what they cause to be destroyed. This is pre-totalitarian decadence. This reflection is from Live Not By Lies. It reflects on how Soviet totalitarianism was preceded by sexual radicalism.

Post-World War I writers and artists were marked in their acceptance and celebration of anticultural philosophies. This was a way to show contempt for established hierarchies and institutions and ways of thinking. Arendt (in The Origins Of Totalitarianism — RD) said that some writers glorified the will of power. “They read not Darwin, but the Marquis de Sade.”

She argued that the authors didn’t use intellectual theories to justify their actions. They were engrossed in the worst aspects of human nature and considered this liberation. Arendt’s judgement of postwar elites that snubbed respectability could easily be applied to today’s liberal principles such as fair play, race neutrality and free speech as barriers to equality. Arendt wrote:

Members of the elite were not opposed to paying a price for civilization’s destruction, just for the thrill of watching how people who had been exclusion in the past force their way into it.

Transgressive sexuality was not a new innovation in the sexual revolution. Late imperial Russia, like the West, was also full of what James Billington, a historian, called “a preoccupation about sex that is quite unlike any other in Russian culture.” Sexual adventurism, celebrations and all forms of sensuality were common among the intellectual and social elite. Not just the elites, but also the working masses. Without a church to guilten them or shame them, they found solace in sex alone in the city.

After the 1905 rebellion, official censorship was lifted and the floodgates opened to erotic literature. This new form of romance found renewed life in the form of sexual passion. Billington writes that “the sensualism of this age was in an intimate sense demonic.” He explains how Satan became a Romantic hero to musicians and artists. They were impressed by the diabolic will to do whatever it took to satisfy one’s needs and exercise one’s will.

Liberal elites and their COCs (Controlled Opposition Conservatives), fellow travellers within institutions don’t seem to care that they are degrading the ability of our civilizations to reproduce. They enjoy transgression just for the sake. Even the POTUS doesn’t give Dylan Mulvaney a respectable audience, calling a woman’s vagina “Barbie pouch”; he elevates trans and takes the presidency into the Weimar America gutter. This is where we are.

They are really looking out for your children. Chris Rufo has all the receipts. You can read him and then get to work protecting children in your community. Are you aware of the garbage being fed to your children’s teachers? It’s your right to investigate.

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