Christopher Darnell Jones, a UVA shooting suspect, has ‘bizarre’ last words to three murdered football players

University of Virginia accused gunman's "bizarre" last words to three football players killed returning from a field trip were repeated by another student who witnessed the bloodshed.

University of Virginia Shooting suspect Christopher Darnell Jones’ last “bizarre” words directed at the three football players who were killed on Sunday night have been revealed to us by another student, who was riding the charter bus.

Ryan Lynch, a pre-med student at 19 years old, stated that a field trip to Washington, D.C., for a play was intended to be a “bonding event” for his close-knit class towards the end of the semester. Jones pulled out his gun as a bus carrying about two dozen students and an instructor rolled back to campus on Sunday night.

“Chris stood up and pushed Lavel. After pushing him, he said something like “You guys are always messing up with me.” Lynch, a Philadelphia KYW-TV interviewee, said that it was quite bizarre as they didn’t speak to him throughout the trip.

Lynch stated, “We thought that he was going shoot everybody on the bus at this point.”


“The gunshots just kept coming incessantly.” She said that the shooter “then sort of, just walked off or skipped off bus when I saw him pass”, she explained to the station.

Investigators from the police surround a bus believed to have been the scene of an overnight shooting at the University of Virginia on Monday, November 14, 2022 in Charlottesville. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Lynch described Lynch’s first-hand experience with one of the victims who had died, saying that he just had a lot of gunshots in his body. All of them had such a beautiful spirit. They had a smile on every face. They were never tired. They were so kind and personable.”

Three active football players, Devin Chandler, Lavel Davies and D’Sean Perry were the victims.

Two victims of the attack are Michael Hollins Jr. , a UVA player and Marlee Morgan (a sophomore at University). KYW-TV reported Lynch is one Morgan’s close friends.

According to James Hingeley of Albemarle County Commonwealth, another witness claimed that Jones shot Chandler while he was asleep. Chandler then fell to the ground. CBS News reported that Jones told the police.

Virginia Cavaliers h Ead Football Coach Tony Elliott said that he knew Davis since his freshman year. He remembered his “big smile” as well as how he “lights up a room” with an “elevated quality.”

Elliott said that Elliott is passionate about the things he believes. He recalled a discussion between his teammates about different teams. “Another thing that struck me was how great he was as a teammate and how much he loved his teammates. He would do anything to help them.”

Elliott said, “I don’t think many people outside of our program understand D’Sean’s speciality.” He described Perry as “very very artistic” and his talent in drawing and shaping clay pots.

Perry was described by the coach as a “loved music, very very cultured, and well-rounded.” Perry was a great teammate and had a unique sense of humor.

Elliott said, describing Chandler, “Then you can talk about Devin.” He’s everything you could want in a young person of this age. He was a big child. He smiled all the time. I loved to dance. I loved to sing. I loved to compete.”

He said, “The one thing I remember about him was that he always brought smiles to my face because was happy in where he was, comfortable with his skin.” He was a bubbly person.”

Christopher Darnell Jones Sr. said that the suspect’s father had last spoken with him a month ago.

Michael Hollins Jr., a UVA football player, was one of two survivors of a shooting that also claimed the lives of three of his teammates. Official Athletic Site of the Virginia Cavaliers


“He had some issues. Jones Sr. stated that he had some problems last time he spoke to him. He didn’t know how to deal with it. I told him to go to school. Don’t pay ’em no mind. When I spoke to him, he was paranoid. Concerning something. He didn’t tell you everything.”

On Wednesday, UVA resumed its normal classes for the first time since over 500 students were locked down during the 12-hour building-by-building search on the university grounds for Jones.

During an active shooter situation at University of Virginia Charlottesville, Monday, November 14, 2022, a bus is seen sitting behind police tape. ( Mike Kropf/The Daily Progress via AP).

In a video message, UVA President Jim Ryan stated that “Returning back to some sense routine when you’re ready” doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone or any of us has forgotten Devin, Lavel, or D’Sean. It’s just a sign of how life is thankfully resilient. Even in our darkest hours, it continues to call us all. The vigil demonstrated that shared grief is a reminder that our bonds with one another and with our common community are what give us strength and power to endure, even in the darkest days.

Ryan stated that the university welcomes an “external assessment” of its handling regarding Jones’s case before the shooting. After the athletics director, head coach and UVA president agreed to cancel the final home game of the season, the president of UVA said that a memorial service would be held at the football stadium on Saturday.

After the shooting at the University of Virginia that resulted in three student deaths, students and members of the community gathered for a candlelight vigil. It took place Monday, November 14, 2022 in Charlottesville. (Shaban Ahuman/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP).

Hollins is a junior running back and remains in critical but stable condition. He reportedly doesn’t know that three of his closest friends and teammates have died. Although his mother claimed he survived the charter bus accident, Hollins went back to help his friends.

Police claimed that Jones was the subject of a hazing investigation, which had been closed due to insufficient witnesses.

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After an unidentified person reported Jones in September, Jones said he owned a gun to someone. He was also on the UVA threat assessment group’s radar. Jones is currently facing administrative charges after failing to report an incident involving a weapon violation outside Charlottesville in February 2021.

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