CLUELESS KATHY – New York Gov. Doesn’t Understand Why GOP Challenger Cares so Much About Crime

The debate between New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul (New York) and Lee Zeldin (Republican challenger) was a heated one. Hochul seemed to not understand the context of the discussion.

“We must make our streets safer again. When Zeldin was asked about his crime policy, he stated that he is running to “take back our streets” and to “support, unapologetically,” law enforcement officers.

Hochul was also criticized by Zeldin for believing that there was an emergency in crime in the Empire State.

Hochul then gave one of her worst soundbites and answers of the night.

“Anyone who violates our laws, particularly the bail modification, will face consequences.” Hochul stated that if the state wants to reduce crime, it should increase gun control.

She stated that there is no crime-fighting program if it does not include illegal guns.

Kathy Hochul believes that only guns-related crimes are being committed. People are afraid to be pushed in front subway cars. “They’re being stabbed and beaten to death on streets with hammers,” Zeldin responded.

“Talk to the Asian-American community about how it has impacted them with the loss, violence against Jews and the targeting of their people with antisemitism. It happened again. He said that we should be discussing all these other crimes but Kathy Hochul is too busy praising herself for her success.”

See the video above.

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