Clyburn admits that ‘all Democrats knew’ the American Rescue Plan would cause inflation

Sometimes, it’s just nice for someone to say it.

As he spoke with Jose Diaz-Balart of MSNBC, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), admitted something most Democrats wouldn’t admit to loudly: that they knew inflation was possible by pumping trillions into the economy.

We all knew that this would happen when we created the recovery program. Prices tend to rise when you invest more money in the economy. We know price gouging happens, and that’s why Senator Warnock is worried about Georgia,” Clyburn said to Jose Diaz-Balart. “We knew that the Russians would try to undermine this administration as soon as we tried to help the Ukrainians. So they made this deal with OPEC countries to cut oil production so that gasoline prices could rise.”

Daily Caller:

In March 2021, President Joe Biden signed The American Rescue Plan (which had $1.9 trillion in spending) into law. Biden signed The Inflation Reduction Act. It mainly includes green energy programs, healthcare spending, and a huge increase in funding for IRS in August 2022.

After rising 8.3% in August and 9.1% in June, the Consumer Price Index rose 8.2% in September. It was 8.3% higher in September than it was in August. Democrats and the Biden administration have pinned high gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, some experts believe that President Biden’s hostility to fossil fuel production is to blame.

Clyburn stated that “We will not allow these types of intimidations by big, corporate price risers when they shouldn’t be, or foreign countries doing untoward actions in retaliation to our assisting our alliances that aren’t going to trump, and this is an intended pun. There are our concerns for people getting back on the ground in this country, getting cash in peoples’ hands, getting people back into work, fixing our infrastructure,” Clyburn added.

See the video above.

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