Connecticut police: Man ran illegal dental operation in La Quinta Hotel room with drills

Connecticut police say a man was caught in a hotel room performing dental work on people despite not having a license, police said.

A man illegally practicing dental work in a Connecticut hotel room was arrested over the weekend, police said. 

The Danbury Police Department said officers responded to the La Quinta Hotel on Sunday after receiving reports that a guest was practicing dental work.


Connecticut fake dentist

Hugo Moraes-DeLima is accused of posing as a dentist and operating an illegal practice. (Danbury Police Department)

The man inside, identified as Hugo Moraes-DeLima, said he was conducting dental referrals, police said. 

When officers entered the hotel room, they discovered dental equipment, including dental drills, suction machines and a portable X-ray machine. They also found numerous bottles of amoxicillin and other medications.

As officers were arresting DeLima, a man came out of the bathroom with gauze in his mouth saying he had just undergone dental work. 

DeLima was charged with practicing dentistry without a license and illegal sale of prescription drugs.

He is being held on a $35,000 bond. 

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