CRIST CLOBBED! DeSantis Refers to Dem Opponenet as a ‘Worn Out Donkey He’ll Put Out in Pasture’

After a delay of two weeks due to Hurricane Ian Monday night’s gubernatorial battle between GOP Governor Ron DeSantis (Democratic challenger Charlie Crist) finally brought the two candidates together — and it was explosive.

Charlie Crist tried to question DeSantis’ plans for reelection by asking about his 2024 presidential ambitions. DeSantis quickly retorted.

“I’m aware that Charlie is interested in discussing 2024 and Joe Biden. But I want to be very clear. Charlie Crist is the only old, worn-out donkey that I want to put to pasture.

See the video above.

DeSantis was opposed and Crist was defending gender transition surgery for minors. This heated debate continued.

“When they refer to gender-affirming, they mean giving puberty blocks to teenage girls and teenage guys, double mastectomies to young girls, or chemically castrating young men. This is incorrect. When asked by the moderator, DeSantis stated that Florida will not allow this to happen.

“We are doing the right thing. He later said that it was inappropriate to do basically what is genital mutilation.

Crist retorted and brought up the topic of abortion.

“This reminds me of my position on a woman’s right to choose. You believe you are more knowledgeable than any doctor, any doctor, or any woman who is in a position of making decisions about their personal health. You want to be the judge. You want to make decisions about people’s physical health and well-being, as well as whether or not women have the right to exercise their freedom of choice. This is just wrong. He said, “I don’t believe that.”

“You don’t have the temperament or ability to be kind to people who aren’t like you, don’t behave like you, and don’t add to your life,” Crist said that we are all children of God. However, that doesn’t mean you have to decide what other people should do with their bodies, especially women.

DeSantis was prepared to respond.

“A 15-year-old can’t get a tattoo in Florida. But, we are suggesting that you could have a double mastectomy. No. He said that it is wrong to do this to minors and that Florida will not allow it to happen.

“You support it for minors. He said that he meant, “You should be honest with people about this,” Crist later told him.

Only two weeks remain before the election. DeSantis is comfortably ahead in polls.

Additional information from Fox News:

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