CRIST THE IREDEEMABLE – Charlie Crist’s Ex-Colleagues Back DeSantis, ‘Choice Couldn’t Be Clearer’

Charlie Crist’s former coworkers aren’t too fond on him.

More than 30 former FLA Democratic gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist and Ron DeSantis have written an open letter to Florida expressing their support for the incumbent GOP Governor.

The letter’s signatories began by writing “An Open Mail to Florida: The undersigned are former colleagues and staff members of Charlie Crist. We have been close friends with Charlie throughout his entire career and public life. Because we have extensive experience in public service, we are qualified to endorse the Florida Governors race.

They write that “The choice in November couldn’t be clearer: we unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis to reelection.”

They continued, “Governor DeSantis delivered for Florida.” He has led our state with courage, conviction. He has shown his ability to guide us through difficult times. Because the stakes are too great, we stand by Governor DeSantis. We ask Florida to elect Ron DeSantis again as Governor.

The Daily Wire reports that “the signatories include Jeff Kottkamp (former Florida Lieutenant Governor), who was Crist’s running mate in his 2006 run for governor as a Republican; Charles Bronson who served under Crist in the role of Commissioner of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; Bill McCollum who was elected Florida Attorney General in 2006 and Ken Pruitt who served as President of Florida Senate, starting in November 2006.

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