DC black bear tranquilized and captured after wandering for hours through the neighborhood

A black bear rambling through northeast Washington, D.C., was tranquilized by authorities Friday morning, closing roads and bringing out curious onlookers.

Washington, D.C., Police officers announced Friday that a Black Bear was tranquilized, and then captured, after it wandered through a neighborhood.

Officials of the Metropolitan Police Department first warned the public shortly before 7:30 am on Friday about the sighting.

The police reported that road closures were due to the presence of a large, black bear.

Residents in the northeast of D.C. spotted this animal.

According FOX 5DC, The bear sighting attracted crowds and the animal was there for several hours.

Authorities warned residents to remain indoors as the animal rambled through their backyards.

A CONNECTICUT family finds a black bear hibernating under their outdoor deck: “NOT BOTHERING us”

Metropolitan Police Department officials alerted the public to the sighting of a black bear shortly before 7:30 am on Friday morning. (FOX 5 DC)

MPD Tweeted. “The bear is running around the backyards of the homes on the 1300 Block of Franklin Street Northeast.” Please stay inside if you live in this block.

The bear is seen in pictures sitting on a tree and then crawling down.


According to police, the Human Rescue Alliance (HRA) and a Smithsonian National Zoo veterinarian were at the scene when the black bear was captured.

Later, officials confirmed the capture and reported that the animal was tranquilized by veterinarians who were on scene. According to FOX 5, the bear was placed in a large crate before being transported away by truck.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Human Rescue Alliance, and a Smithsonian National Zoo veterinarian attended the scene.

The bear was seen climbing up a tree and then crawling down. (FOX 5 DC)

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Fox News Digital contacted MPD to get more details, but there are none.

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