December 7, 2022

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the racism against Herschel Walker from those in the media was reprehensible.

The media’s racism against Herschel was shocking on Wednesday’s Mark Levin show. Mitch McConnell and the pseudo-conservative media all blame Donald Trump for Walker’s loss, just as they did with the Tea Party 12 years ago. The Establishment Republicans act like they’re only one election away of making a significant contribution to the country if conservatives weren’t getting in their way. All of this is false. The case in North Carolina (Moore v. Harper), which is currently before the U.S Supreme Court, involves the Constitution being suspended and democrats constitutionally changing voting rules in multiple states. The U.S Constitution clearly states that each state’s legislature sets the electoral process according to its constitution. The federal constitution is unaffected by any state court or governor. The IRS issued a second warning for taxpayers in America who received more than $600 through PayPal, CashApp or Zelle. It required them to file a 1099 form to identify themselves as independent contractors. This is not about billionaires, and it’s yet another lie from Biden Administration. These agents are targeting low- and middle-income Americans who earn $600 or less through any of these apps. After the announcement of the repeal of vaccine mandates for the U.S. military, Congressmen Jim Jordan (and Kevin McCarthy) join the program. Jordan expressed his support for Kevin McCarthy being elected Speaker. McCarthy reiterated his support for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.

American Spectator

Trump, Kanye and Biscuit.

Epoch Times

IRS Issues a Tax Warning to Americans who Made More Than $600 Online

Washington Post

Democrats intensify investigation into Kushner family business dealings

Fox News

California Democrat declares he would vote for a unity’ GOP speaker. But McCarthy allies warn against making concessions


Boston City Council approves petition allowing juveniles to vote in Democrat campaign to capture the impressionable voting bloc

Chip Somodevilla, photo

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