DeSANTIS DELIANT: “As long as I’m still screaming and kickin’, no COVID shot mandates for your kids’

Following the CDC’s decision not to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory but adding it to the Recommended Vaccines for Children Program (VFC), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered some reassuring words for Floridians.

DeSantis stated, “As long I’m kicking an screaming, there won’t be COVID shot mandatesfor your kids,” during a speech to announce an executive directive to provide property tax relief to residents affected by Hurricane Ian. That is your choice as a parent.

He said, “I get a kick from it when people kinda compare it to (measles mumps rubella shots and rubella shots), and things that have existed for decades and decades.” “Parents in Florida, for the most part, have decided against booster shots, especially for children under five.”

He said that these are new shots and added that the Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo had not recommended booster shots for children. “Essentially, his reason is that there hasn’t been any proven benefit to that.”

See the video above.

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