Despite a Supreme Court order, Lindsey Graham’s testimony in Georgia DA’s Trump 2020 election probe is delayed yet again

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's appearance before Georgia's Fulton County grand jury regarding an election probe into former President Trump was delayed again.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s scheduled Hearing before a Fulton County Grand Jury was delayed yet again on Thursday despite the Supreme Court clearing the way earlier in the month for his testimony in an investigation by a Georgia District Attorney into potential violations of the 2020 election law.

Graham’s first hearing was originally scheduled for Thursday, in Atlanta. It was moved back five days.

It is scheduled to begin on Nov. 22, FOX5 DC, according to reports.

The U.S. Supreme Court lifted the temporary suspension on Graham’s appearance before Fulton County’s special grand jury. In an unsigned order, however, the justices acknowledged that Graham could still raise objections to certain questions.


The new order dismantled a temporary hold Justice Clarence Thomas had placed upon the testimony, while he and his coworkers weighed the arguments.

Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican-States of California) speaks at a news conference held on Capitol Hill, September 13, 2022 in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib, File)

The Supreme Court stated that “Today, they confirmed that the Constitution’s Speech or Debate clause applies here. They also confirmed that Senator Graham could return to the District Court to answer questions from the District Attorney about his constitutionally protected activities. The senator’s legal team will discuss next steps with the District Attorney’s office to protect this constitutional immunity.

Fani Willis, Fulton County Georgia District Attorney, poses for a photograph in her Atlanta office on Jan. 4, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben Gray, File)

Graham, a four term senator who was last elected in 2020, was the first to be subpoenaed by Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis in July. This was in anticipation of former President Trump’s announcement that he would seek a second term in 2024.

After a recording of a January 2021 call between Trump, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger became public, the district attorney opened her investigation. Trump said that Raffensperger could “find the votes” to reverse his narrow loss to Democrat Joe Biden in that conversation.

Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican-States of California), walks up Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Willis would like to question Graham on two calls he made in the weeks after the election to Raffensperger, his staff and himself. Graham asked about “reexamining some absentee ballots in Georgia in an effort to explore the possibility for a better outcome for former president Donald Trump,” Willis wrote as a petition to compel his testimony.

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Graham also “referred to widespread voter fraud in November 2020 election in Georgia consistent with public statements made publicly by known associates of Trump Campaign,” she wrote. Willis stated that Graham might be able provide insight into the extent to which coordinated efforts were made to influence the outcome in an October hearing.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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