Detroit man sentenced to life in prison for attacking a family member and killing a news anchor

Arthur Williamson, 55, of Pontiac, Michigan, has been sentenced to life in prison for the fatal bludgeoning of WWJ-AM overnight anchor Jim Matthews.

A Detroit area man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal killing of a radio anchor and the attack on her family.

The Detroit News reported that Macomb County Circuit Court judge James Biernat referred to Arthur Williamson as the “embodiment” of evil during Thursday’s sentencing hearing in Mount Clemens.

Biernat stated, “The only amazing thing is that you didn’t kill them all.”


Williamson, of Pontiac, pleaded not guilty in April to murder in the first degree and assault with intent murder. No-contest is not an admission that you are guilty, but it is used at sentencing.

Arthur Williamson of Pontiac Michigan has been sentenced for life imprisonment in the death of Detroit radio anchor Jim Matthews.

In September, WWJ-AM’s overnight anchor Jim Matthews, was found with a hammer bludgeoned in Chesterfield Township to the northeast of Detroit.

Williamson, 55 years old, is said to be a friend Nichole Guertin, Matthews’ girlfriend. Guertin, her 10-year-old child and 5-year old daughter that she shared with Matthews suffered injuries. The boy was also hit in the head by the hammer, and then tied up in the closet.

A Detroit-area man accused of murdering a radio news anchor and injuring others was ‘welcomed’ into his home before the attack

Guertin said that Matthews had been working a late-night shift when Williamson arrived at their house to smoke crack and bring heroin. Guertin testified that Williamson cut her throat when she refused role-playing and to tie herself up. The Detroit News reported this.

Matthews was stabbed and hit with a hammer when he arrived at home. Guertin fled with their daughter, aged five. She asked someone to contact the police.

Matthews and Guertins’ sons wrote to the court in a victim’s impact statement that Williamson destroyed their lives.


The boy wrote, “I hate you because of what you did to my family and me.” You made my mother and sister and I suffer in hell for hours. “You are evil.”

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