DISINGENUOUS DEMS! Lahren Lampoons the Left, Only Care About ‘Climate Change and Rainbows’ [WATCH]

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren stopped by Tuesday night’s Hannity to unload on disingenuous Democrats; “where do we start?

Tomi Lahren, a conservative commentator, appeared on Tuesday’s Hannity and ripped into dishonest Democrats. “Where do we begin?” she asked. Lahren starts by saying, “There are so many crises piling-up!”

“Joe’s either in bed or at a castle licking ice cream cones telling us to lick the whole world but I would love to do it with the border as I have been there many times…we saw record-low border crossings under the Trump Administration – because we did something!”

“[Democrats] view these people as future voters and pawns. They don’t give a damn about their welfare. “I don’t see AOC hugging a cage or a fence as she did under the Trump Administration.”

It just shows how disingenuous the Americans are. From the border to gun control, and our place on the global stage, they care nothing about anything except climate change.

View the video above.

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