DO NOT LOSE SLEEP OVER IT: Biden Border Chief Convicted of Skipping and Sleeping Through Crisis Meetings

Chris Magnus is the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and has been under fire recently after his colleagues exposed his horrible work habits, including sleeping through meetings.

One administration official said to the outlet that he was not involved in the game. “Every meeting that has him in it will lead to a conclusion. Magnus will bring up a sidebar issue and everyone is like, ‘What the f-k’?

“The report also stated that Magnus had been seen by six officials in’multiple meetings’ about the border, including one regarding the surge of Venezuelans trying to enter the US,” New York Post reports.

From New York Post:

Magnus was approved by the Senate by a narrow vote of 50 to 47 in December 2021. However, he was subject to intense questioning during confirmation hearings regarding his support for sanctuary towns as well as opposition to Trump’s harsh immigration policies.

Even with record-breaking numbers of border arrests this year officials claim Magnus is happy to pass the blame to other agencies instead of dealing with the situation.

Magnus was reported to have given Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, a number of grievances and complaints about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the agency responsible for detaining and holding illegal immigrants in the United States).

CBP is responsible for border security and ICE fall under the DHS umbrella.

Magnus made a comment to Polio on the bombshell report.

He said, “I have always been someone who questions the status quo and looks for better ways to do them.” This is a threat to some people in any organization. They are not happy when people question ‘why’ certain things should be done in the same way as they have always been done. “I’m not here for the predictable challenges that those people present.

He said that the most common complaint he’s received from colleagues was about his tendency to ask too many question in meetings and his desire to understand what others believe to be more important than my own on different topics. He stated that he intends to “remain fully engaged in the work leading CBP and advocating for those who work here, as well as the American public.”

But the naps? C’MON MAN!

Read more at The New York Post:

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