DOCTORED NOTICE? Fetterman releases a letter from the Primary Care Doc who donated to his campaign

Clifford Chen, John Fetterman’s primary care physician, said that Fetterman is “well” and assured us that he had “spoken to [Fetterman’s] neurologist, cardiologist, and he will continue-up with them regularly.”

FEC filings show that Fetterman received a donation from Dr. Cliifford Ch. It may be that Dr. Cliifford Chen is a donor and a primary-care physician, not a specialist, which could dramatically reduce the impact of such “clean bill” of health.

From Chen

I spoke with his cardiologist as well as his neurologist. He will continue to follow up with them regularly. The Lieutenant The Lieutenant Governor uses the appropriate medication to improve his heart condition and prevent strokes in the future. Governor also regularly exercises and can easily walk between 4 and 5 miles per day.

Overall, Lt. Lt. Governor Fetterman is healthy and shows strong commitment towards good health and fitness. He is free from work restrictions and can serve full-time in public office.

From Mediaite

Fetterman’s wife contacted NBC News to ask for an apology after Dasha Burns , a reporter at NBC News, questioned Fetterman’s ability to understand the information being sent to him.

Burns stated, “We did notice that Fetterman was unable to understand our conversation in small talk prior to the interview without captioning.”

She was subject to immense backlash.

Gisele Fetterman stated, “I would love to hear an apology from her towards the disabled community from them and from their network for the damage that they have caused.” Gisele Fetterman .

This is a developing story…

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