Documents in court suggest that a Florida teacher who was alleged to have said she “wanted” to shoot students may have had mental illness.

A Florida teacher who allegedly said that she wanted to “shoot some students" may have been mentally ill, according to court documents.

According to court documents, a Florida educator may have been suffering from mental illness when she allegedly stated that she wanted to “shoot a few students”.

Ashlee Renczkowski is a teacher who teaches at Fox Chapel Middle School, Spring Hill, Florida. According to an incident report, she allegedly told the guidance counselor on March 24, that she wanted “to shoot some students because they were not performing up to their abilities.”

Renczkowski made the comments after she told her assistant principal that she had “bad thoughts.”

According to the incident report, Renczkowski told her guidance counselor she was upset after “learning about a social-media post in which people were speaking negatively about [Renczkowski’s] sexuality.”

In the police report, Renczkowski was said to be taking hormone medications and planning surgery for the summer.


Hernando County Sheriff’s Office informed FOX 13 that the deputies had removed firearms from the home the unnamed Fox Chapel Middle School teacher in late March after she told the assistant principal that she “had bad thoughts” about shooting some students. ” (FOX 13)

During this conversation, she also mentioned that she had “three handguns” at home.

The sheriff’s reports states that after Renczkowski said the comments, “she immediately stated she would not harm a child” and “stated she did not want to hurt herself.” She went on to explain how

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office filed in court a Risk Protection Order, which was accepted.

The court found evidence in the Risk Protection Order that Renczkowski had “engaged or threatened violence against himself or others recently,” was “seriously mentally ill, may have recurring issues with mental health,” and has “used, or threatened to utilize, against him or others.”

According to the report, three handguns with ammunition were stolen from the home of Renczkowski. He was also taking medication for depression.

In a meeting with the public on April 11, administrators confirmed that Renczkowski had been cleared to return to her classroom.


A Hernando County Schools spokeswoman said, “A threat assessment protocol was adhered to.”

The spokesperson explained that the report showed a team made up of district, school and law enforcement professionals followed the threat assessment protocol of the district to make sure this teacher wasn’t a danger to himself or others.

In a release on April 13, the district stated that Renczkowski would be removed from all student contact, adding that a date for his return will be determined after an investigation.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has released additional information about the incident that involved a Fox Chapel Middle School Teacher’s comment on the 24th of March. In a press release, John Stratton said that details released by the Sheriff’s Office, which were not known to the district at the time, appeared to be in conflict with the information gathered during the incident.

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John Stratton speaks at a meeting of the school board in Hernando County, Florida.

The school district will investigate this incident further and seek the involvement of mental health professionals. Stratton stated that as part of the investigation, they will examine all actions taken that day and the days that followed the incident to determine if there were any missed steps.

Fox News Digital contacted Renczkowski to get his comments.

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