DOJ ends Pence classified document investigation without charges

Former Vice President Mike Pence will not be charged in the discovery of classified documents at his Indiana home, according to a letter obtained by NBC News.

According to a letter obtained from NBC News, the former Vice President Mike Pence won’t be charged with discovering classified documents in his Indiana home.

The DOJ’s National Security Division informed Pence’s attorney on Thursday that the investigation had been closed and that, based upon the “results”, no charges would be filed against him. A DOJ official confirmed the letter was sent, although the department declined to comment.

Pence is relieved that the investigation has ended, since he intends to announce his presidential bid next Monday. Jack Smith’s special counsel investigation into the former president Donald Trump’s handling classified documents may also be nearing a decision on whether charges will be brought.

According to NBC, a Pence advisor told the network that the former Vice President and his team were pleased with the conclusion of the investigation but not surprised.

Pence’s attorneys said earlier this year that ” a small number of classified materials” had been discovered at the former Vice President’s Indiana home after the FBI found classified records were originally discovered at a Washington, D.C. think tank used by Joe Biden after he became vice president. Pence’s house was searched by the FBI for five hours and another classified document was found.

In the Case of Biden Attorney General Merrick G. Garland appointed a special counselor — former Justice Department Attorney Robert Hur — as lead investigator, but in Pence’s Case, no special counsel has been named. Hur’s investigation is still unclear.

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