DONALD BUCKS Team Trump sells more than $7 million in Mugshot Merch

That mug is worth millions.

This mug is worth millions.

According to CBS News’ report,the Trump Campaign turned Donald Trump’s Fulton County Jail Mugshot into a fundraiser boon for 2024 GOP frontrunner.

Team Trump has raised more than $7 million, including $4.18 millions on Saturday.

The spokesperson stated that organic money had skyrocketed after President Trump tweeted the picture and website.

Trump wrote Thursday on X (formerly Twitter), “I walked in the lion’s dungeon with one simple message: I WILL NOT SURRENDER OUR GOAL TO SAVE AMERICA.”

The spokesperson said that the campaign had raised “close to $20,000,000” in the past three weeks. Trump was indicted separately on charges related to his alleged attempts to overturn the election in 2020, CBS News stated.

Trump’s Mugshot Merch Store was available online almost immediately following his arrest. Shirts, mugs and stickers were all on sale for donors the day of his arrest.

Trump’s booking photo was not taken when he was arrested in New York City, Miami, and Washington, D.C. – but Fulton County Jail, Georgia, insisted. This move has backfired.

CBS News:

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