Don’t ask, don’t tell in Ukraine

America is sending more weapons to Ukraine, but is Ukraine using it to attack targets in Russian territory? The post Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in Ukraine appeared first on The American Conservative.

Russia has claimed that it has stopped further attempts by Ukrainian-linked fighters from crossing the border into Belgorod. However, the Russian Volunteer Corps, a paramilitary organization of ethnic Russians who fight for Ukrainians, says they are still fighting at Belgorod.

Kiev denies that it has any direct involvement in the attempt to capture Russian territory. However, videos on social media from the initial RVC sally to Belgorod led many to believe that American-made armoured vehicles were with the troops. Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, or HUR, seemed to contradict the claims of President Volodymyr Zelensky when it said that it coordinated with troops entering Belgorod.


The US military aid to Ukraine should be heavily dependent on Ukraine not directly attacking Russian territory with American equipment. The Biden administration, and the uniparty as a whole, seem to be uninterested and unwilling to investigate and enforce such provisions.

Don’t ask and don’t say is the motto of Ukraine’s supporters.

The Pentagon announced another $300 million of military aid to Ukraine. This includes ammunition for missile defence systems such as Patriot missiles, AIM-7 missiles, and tank rounds. The latest aid package from the Pentagon also includes Stingers and anti-tank weapons. Other military equipment, including “munitions for Unmanned Aerial Systems,” is included in the package.

Drones are an integral part of Ukraine’s efforts to limit Russia’s ability to continue its invasion. Two Ukrainian drones attacked Russian oil refineries earlier this Week. In the past Ukraine has used Drones in order to attack targets within Russia’s border, including airfields, military installations and important industrial centers. It is not known if these drones were used by the United States or another Western nation.

The opposite is true, although less so. The Ukrainians do not know whether the military assistance coming their way will be good or bad, and they are afraid to ask because U.S. funding is supporting not only the Ukrainian military but also the government.


In a recent report, the inspector general of the Defense Department claims that the equipment that was previously sent to Ukraine had been in such poor condition that Ukrainian forces might have been injured or killed if they used it. According to the report, the Army’s Field Support Battalion 401st and military contractor Amentum Services maintained six M777 cannons in Kuwait in such a way that their breechblocks were unable to lock. This could have caused misfires which “would have killed someone,” according to a technician. The report claims that all six of the M777 howitzers had been refilled with old hydraulic fluid, which could have led to other malfunctions.

The 401st claimed that 28 of its 29 M1167 Humvees had been battle-field ready, but when they were told to send them to Ukraine for inspection, they found out that 26 of the vehicles were not operational. After the 401st repaired the Humvees in Europe, 25 of them had to have their tires changed due to dry rot.

There has been much discussion about the fact that America’s support of Ukraine is reducing stocks in U.S. weapons. Some of the weapons, vehicles and systems that were provided to Ukraine are older, while others are brand new. They’re all hidden away in a DOD storage facility. It doesn’t matter in some ways if the weapons are old or new: America expects that they will be ready for battle, if needed, and it’s clear that they’re not. It does in some ways: Are we expecting to win the next battle, likely against China, by supplying our soldiers with military equipment that was used during a time of humiliation and defeat for the U.S. Military? What makes you think we will win the big war if we don’t win here?

The United States has declared that it will continue to support Ukraine, as Biden put it, “for as long it takes.” This is a stupid, proud thing to say, and even more dumb to do. If we are going to do stupid things, shouldn’t we do them well? Pride is the precursor to failure.

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