DUMPTY IN DENIAL! Stelter Says He Has No Idea Why He Was Fired from CNN

Really, Stelter?

Really, Stelter? “No idea?”

In a recent appearance at Dan Abrams Liveformer CNN presenter Brian Stelter played dumb and claimed he had no idea why CNN fired him despite his terrible ratings and biased reporting.


Brian Stelter, former CNN host, revealed that he did not know why the new leadership fired him from CNN after he served as the chief media correspondent of CNN and the anchor for “Reliable Sources”.

Stelter, speaking on NewsNation With Dan Abrams defended his tenure. He was mocked constantly for his liberal bias in the mainstream media and for providing coverage for news outlets other than Fox News and Democrats.

Abrams stated, “You left CNN recently…clearly they sort of push you out.”

Stelter laughed. “I’ve adopted the f word, Dan. You are fired!”

Why do you think that you were fired? Abrams asked.

Stelter replied, “I don’t know…I truly don’t know.” “I knew I had a very popular show, by CNN standards. I also knew that the production cost was low. But I know that every show is canceled at some point.

View the video above.

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