Elton John spent the night in hospital after falling at his European home.

Over the weekend, Elton John, 76, was treated and then later released from the hospital after falling at his villa in Nice, France.

Elton John was released from hospital on Sunday after being treated for a fall at his villa near Nice, France.

A representative for John shared a statement with TODAY.com that read: “Following a fall yesterday at his south-of-France home, Elton went to the local hospital in a precautionary manner.” After a series of checkups this morning, Elton was discharged and is now at home in good health.

John’s fans were worried about his health deteriorating after tabloids reported that he would be using a wheelchair by 2022. He shared more information about his health at the time on Instagram.

“The truth is that I am in excellent health and love my shows. I play and sing at my best. I always give my best and don’t want to let anyone down, especially since everyone has been waiting so long to see a show again. “Your response to each show has been phenomenal, and I am loving every moment of it,” wrote he.

He said that he used a wheelchair after a concert in order to reduce the stress on his body.

He said, “We arrived at Leipzig Airport just before curfew to find that part of the airport was closed. It was a long walk from the airport to the plane so my team laid down a wheelchair for me to rest my hip. “That’s it, folks.”

John announced, in September 2021, that he needed hip surgery. He “fell awkwardly” on a hard surface. To recover, he delayed some dates from his farewell concert tour.

He shared his advice on Twitter as X. “I was advised to undergo an operation as quickly as possible in order to return to full fitness, and to ensure that there are no complications long-term,” he said. “I’ll be undergoing a program intensive physiotherapy to ensure full recovery and return to full mobility, without pain.”

John’s farewell tour was delayed by his hip surgery, but it wasn’t the first time. John had to postpone two concerts after contracting COVID-19. The Associated Press at the time reported that the “Benny and the Jets'” star experienced “mild symptoma,” after he was vaccinated and given a booster.

The Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour of the singer who sang “Candle In the Wind” ended last month. This marked the end of 50 years touring.

John stated in a release that was issued at the time, “I could not have imagined in my wildest dream the twists and turn and the highs-and-lows this tour – and the entire world – would have experienced over the next five year.”

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