ENJOY: Dem Gov. Candidate inside Oregon Can’t Ditch Defund Past, Gets Blasted By simply Opponents

“Defund the police” has been a huge failure, and Democrats don’t want it to be theirs.

Tina Kotek, a Democratic candidate for Oregon governor, was asked Wednesday night about funding law enforcement to combat rising violent crime. Kotek evaded her past by saying “defund.”

“When someone dials 911, they should feel safe and get the right response. Kotek stated that he supports the state police and has always supported them. “We need more officers. She said that the state could increase the number and quality of trainings and classes available. “It is important that the state has state police to serve rural communities.”

Kotek’s rivals, Republican Christine Drazan (independent) and Betsy Johnson, seized immediately.

Drazan stated that Tina Kotek was the original candidate to defund the police. “She didn’t support the police when rioters attacked a police station. It is amazing to me that she can now talk like she supports law enforcement.

Drazan said, “As governor I will fully fund the state police.” “As governor I will support law enforcement, because it is necessary in our communities. Because there are fewer police officers on the streets, our communities are less secure today.

Johnson supported Drazan’s summary on Kotek and explained that “we’ve got to start by respecting police.” This doesn’t mean that you have to walk with the rioters and criticize the police during the riots.

See the video above.

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