European Tiffany’s tycoon “passes away

A Turkish jewelry magnate plunged to her death from the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship off the coast of Tahiti last month while traveling with her Swiss lover, according to reports.

According to local reports, a wealthy owner of Tiffany’s jewellery in Turkey mysteriously fell to her death from a cabin on a cruise ship last month. She was on a birthday trip with her Swiss lover.

Dilek Ertek (71) fell from the deck 11 on the Norwegian Spirit into South Pacific Ocean, Oct. 25, after she left Papeete, Tahiti.

Surveillance footage showed that she was thrown off the boat at 3:00 a.m. and her body has not been found. Her unnamed 74-year-old lover didn’t report her missing for 20 hours.

After the ship returned to Papeete in Tahiti, Ertek’s boyfriend was questioned by police. However, he was released citing a lack evidence. According to local reports, he returned to Switzerland.


Tiffany’s jewelry tycoon Dilek Etek, 71, disappeared Oct. 25, after she fell from her balcony on a cruise ship cabin near Tahiti. (Newsflash/ Alexandre Meneghini via Reuters)

Sabah was told by a local officer that he found it suspicious. “People who can’t hear each other notify the front desk and make an official announcement. It is therefore confusing that the announcement of the disappearance comes 20 hours later.

According to the newspaper, Gokce Atuk, the son of the jewelry magnate, flew immediately to Tahiti to urge authorities to investigate Ertek’s lover.


According to the son, several expensive jewelry had been missing from his cabin safe.

Turkish Tiffany’s tycoon Dilek Ertek fell to her death from the Norwegian cruise ship cabin Oct. 25, and her family suspects foul play. (Newsflash)

Experts say the circumstances surrounding the fall are quite puzzling. The woman, who was 5 feet 2 inches tall, fell over the railing that is 3 feet high from her cabin balcony.

Mustafa Can, a captain of a ship, stated that it was difficult to fall from such a type of cruise and passenger ship.

French Polynesia is a tropical paradise. Dilek Ertek (71), fell from her Norwegian cruiseship cabin on Oct. 25, just off Tahiti, French Polynesia. (Getty)

The cruise left Papeete Island, October 24, and was scheduled to visit Bora Bora, before reaching Honolulu in Hawaii.

Ertek opened her first Tiffany & Co. shop in Istanbul in 1995. She then served as the country’s key distributor for over two decades.

She was educated at the Gemological Institute of America in New York.

Dilek Ertek displays Tiffany’s jewelry in a branch. While on vacation with her Swiss lover, the businesswoman fell to her death from a Norwegian cruiseship Oct. 25, 2015. (Newsflash)

Local media reported that Ertek’s family is considering a lawsuit against the cruise company for wrongful death.

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Fox News Digital was informed by a spokesperson for the cruise company that Ertek’s murder is under investigation. According to the statement, “The authorities were notified” and the United States Coast Guard carried out a search-and-rescue operation. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time.

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