FBI Director Predicts that Johnson Extortion Document will be taken to Capitol Hill in a WRAY to PLAY BALL

Christopher Wray has caved.

Christopher Wray has bowed out.

According to a Fox News article, FBI Director Christopher Wray agreed to send to Capitol Hill a classified FBI report — a document which may implicate Joe Biden as a suspect in a bribery case while he was Vice President for Barack Obama.

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, threatened to hold Wray for contempt.

On Monday, both parties will examine the file.

This document is said to detail a criminal plot worth $5 million dollars.

“Chairman Comer is scheduled to receive a FBI briefing and will review the document Monday.” A spokesperson for the Oversight Committee told Breitbart News that Chairman Comer was clear in his statement that anything other than submitting the FD-1023 to the House Oversight Committee would not be considered compliance with the subpoena. This unclassified document contains pages of information that the House Oversight Committee should investigate further.

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