FBI lie detector tests are conducted at the home of a Wisconsin 13-year old teenager who disappeared in June.

James Yoblonski's family and others will take lie detector tests administered by the FBI. Yoblonski has been missing since June, and the FBI is investigating his disappearance.

  • James Yoblonski’s father reported him missing on June 12, 2023. He has not yet been located.

  • About two weeks ago, the FBI began an investigation into Yoblonski’s disappearance after police discovered a makeshift camp that they believed belonged to Yoblonski.

  • FBI officials will administer lie detector tests to Yoblonski’s family and other people who knew him.

A sheriff’s investigator said that the FBI was helping in the search for a Wisconsin boy aged 13 who went missing in June. Investigators were giving lie detector tests to family members and other people.

James Yoblonski was reported missing by his father on June 12, from their home in Reedsburg (about 45 miles north of Madison). A sheriff’s deputy found the family van abandoned about three hours before William Yoblonski filed a missing report for his son.

James Yoblonski took his father’s phone, and a ping led deputies from the sheriff’s office to search a similar area near Devil’s Lake State Park. The deputies found what they believed to be a makeshift camp that the boy had used. His devices had searches from earlier this year on how to travel outside of the state.


Sgt. Drew Bulin is a detective at the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office. He told WiscNews Thursday that the FBI had joined the search around two weeks ago. Bulin stated that Bureau investigators are administering lie detector tests to potential witnesses and family members.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters building in Washington D.C. on July 3, 2023. The FBI is investigating a disappearance of James Yoblonski, a 13-year old Wisconsin boy. ( CelalGA 1/4neA/Anadolu Agency through Getty Images).

William Yoblonski is offering a reward of $10,000 for any information leading to the discovery of his son.

He said, “I want my son to come back.”

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