February 7, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, we have an administration led by a pathological liar with an extremely low IQ, and we see what it’s done to this country, but President Biden will still take a victory lap at the State of the Union address.

We have a government led by a pathological liar and an extremely low IQ. On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, we see the damage it has done to our country. However, President Biden will still make a victory lap during the State of the Union speech. Biden intentionally left our southern border open, destroyed our immigration system and disarmed our military to face World War 3 with China. He also destroyed our energy independence and our energy independence. Biden Administration policies, as well as massive spending bills, have caused a record number of Americans to be worse off. A D.C. district judge is also claiming that abortion is legal despite the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Dobbs Case. Judge Colleen Kollar Kotelly argues that the 13 th Amendment gives the right to abort because she is involuntary serving a child. This is how a judge manipulates cases to appeal to the Supreme Court. It is precisely why we need term limits.

Daily Wire

By the Numbers: The State of Biden’s America is Absolutely @#%&* Abysmal

Fox News

Biden’s IRS will crack down on waiters’ tips


Federal judge declares that the constitutional right to abort may still exist, in spite of Dobbs

Political Insider

Former Defense Secretary Slams Pelosi for being ‘Incoherent’ during the January 6th Riot. He downplays it, saying that people are ‘Taking Selfies’

Chip Somodevilla, photo

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